Meet Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital’s Veterinarians

Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital’s veterinarians are top-notch and they make our hospital great. We are excited to have you meet them.

Bikram Basra, DVM

Dr. Bikram Basra in Rocklin CA

Dr. Basra completed his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri in 2000. After that, he went on to complete a rigorous one-year internship at Metroplex Veterinary Hospital in Texas. Then he spent a year and half in Los Angeles working under his uncle, after which he moved to Northern California where he worked at Greenback Animal Hospital.

In 2004, Dr. Basra opened Rocklin Park Veterinary Hospital and merged with Stanford Ranch Animal Medical Center in 2010 to establish Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Basra has 2 beautiful children with his wife Dr. Kaur, and a goldendoodle that was adopted earlier this year named Magness.

Katrina Estes, DVM

Dr. Katrina Estes in Rocklin CA

After obtaining an economics and business degree from UCLA, Dr. Estes graduated from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2004 and went into practice immediately afterward to start applying what she had learned. Catering exclusively to dogs and cats, she works diligently to ensure that her expanding group of furry friends and their owners remain healthy and happy.

While passionate about veterinary care, Dr. Estes also enjoys hiking, snowboarding, cooking, working out, and movies. You many not know that she is a triplet, having both a brother and an identical twin sister. Even more unique, her sister is also a veterinarian! Dr. Estes has two dogs- a greyhound mix and a Doberman, both of whom are rescues adopted from the Placer County SPCA- and two cats.

Tara Gee, DVM

Dr. Tara Gee in Rocklin CA

Dr. Gee has been in the animal care field for more than 40 years. As an undergraduate at U.C. Berkeley, she majored in plant pathology. She then went on to earn her veterinary medical degree from U.C. Davis.

She frequently attends continuing education seminars to further her knowledge and skills in the rapidly evolving fields of veterinary medicine and surgery. She recently joined the California Emergency Medical Services Authority as a disaster healthcare volunteer.

Dr. Gee holds veterinary licenses in Arizona and Hawaii, as well as California. She currently has 10 pets, including 6 Thoroughbred horses, 3 Standard Poodles, and 1 Burmese cat. She also is busy taking care of 12 geese and 8 ducks. In her spare time, she enjoys training and riding horses, hiking, biking, reading, gardening, and recycling.

Sukhdeep Kaur, DVM

Dr. Sukhdeep Kaur in Rocklin CA

Dr. Kaur graduated in 2004 and has been working in the veterinary field with her husband Dr. Basra ever since. Together Dr. Kaur and Dr. Basra have two beautiful children, a boy and a girl. They also have a very handsome dog named Magness.

Dr. Kaur loves cooking and going on bike rides with her children and husband. She is a second generation veterinarian in her family with her father being her teacher and mentor.

Rebecca Williams, DVM

Dr. Rebecca Williams in Rocklin CA