Keeping Your Pet Safe This Halloween

iStock_000045939918_MediumLast week, we covered all of the delicious and safe treats your pet can enjoy on Halloween, but what about general safety when it comes to the most frightful night of the year?

Much like July Fourth and thunderstorm season, Halloween is a time of noise: knocks on the door, doorbells ringing, the shouts and laughter of trick-or-treaters, and the endless parade of costumed ghouls and ghosts lining the streets. This energy, while enjoyed by us and our families, is often quite scary to our pets.

From increased traffic and human pranks, to the unattended candy bowl, there are some potentially serious risks that the holiday poses. But, with some proactive measures, you and your best fur friend can enjoy this howling-good Halloween holiday together. Continue…

Nutritious Halloween Treats for Pets

Halloween black catHalloween is a time for trick-or-treating, scary stories, illuminated jack-o-lanterns, and of course, LOTS of candy and snacks. While our young ghouls and goblins get to enjoy the usual kaleidoscope of candy confections, many of these treats pose a danger to our pets. As a precaution, we recommend that you might want to keep your pet safely tucked away from the events of the evening.

But, our fur kids don’t need to miss out on all of the fun. Many pet lovers get into the Howl-o-ween spirit by including their pooches and kitties in the festivities, dressing them up in cute, pet-friendly costumes and participating in parades and other activities.

But, what about the snacks?

Thankfully, there are numerous options for nutritious pet-safe food your friend can munch on while you enjoy the holiday together. Continue…

Celebrate RRVH’s Vet Tech Rockstars!

Copy of photo 4October 12–18, 2014, is National Veterinary Technician Week – a week we pause to recognize our Vet Tech rockstars. At Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital, we have a lot to celebrate. Our amazing team of vet techs is, in our humble opinion, second to none. We consider ourselves to be so lucky to have the team we have, and we owe a part of our success to them.

In many ways, vet techs are the glue that holds a successful veterinary practice together, and ours is no exception. Somehow these amazingly clever people manage a balance between delivering the veterinary industry’s best practices and giving you and your pet the care and comfort that you need. And they do it with grace, poise, and compassion. We know this is no easy task, and we truly feel that our team does an outstanding job. Continue…

Getting the Most out of Your Pet Wellness Exam

Handshake between dog and veterinarian handAlthough pet wellness exams are vital to your furry friend’s health, they are often viewed only as a time to update vaccines, have lab work done, or get other baseline medical tests out of the way. Unfortunately, this limited view can let an important opportunity pass by – that is, the chance to discuss your pet’s health in detail and ask questions that may prove to be lifesavers or health-changers for your friend.

When considering your pet’s wellness exams, we think you should feel empowered to discuss anything we might have noticed in your pet’s behavior, appearance, diet, or disposition. For example, have you noticed that Spot doesn’t seem to be interested in playtime like he used to be? Has Mittens been hiding more? Have “accidents” increased around the house?

Developing a strong rapport with your team at Rocklin Ranch is encouraged. By establishing an ongoing relationship with you and your pet, we are better able to diagnose, screen, and generally improve the well-being of your best friend. Before you come in for an exam, keep in mind that there are some important considerations to note, prior to bringing your pet in. This homework will help create the optimal exam and allow your pet to get the most out of the visit. Continue…