Exercise and Weight Management: The Keys to Optimal Pet Health

beagle in kitchenPost-Thanksgiving is usually a time for looking disdainfully at the scale and thinking of the many ways we may have overindulged. But few of us consider how the holidays can also be a serious risk to our pets’ health. Like us, our pets can be susceptible to obesity as well as be at risk for pancreatitis and other health issues linked to a high-fat or imbalanced diet.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and it is also when we start seeing many more cases of pancreatitis and other food-related digestive issues. In light of the upcoming perils of Thanksgiving overeating and holiday treats, we thought it would be a great time to discuss ways in which you and your family can help your pet stay fit and healthy – and out of our pet emergency. Continue…

Shop Local for a Rocklin Veterinary Hospital

RocklinAs the busiest shopping season of the year draws near, you are likely hearing advocates sound off about the importance of buying local. You may already know why supporting local business matters. From job creation and quality service, to encouraging local prosperity and reinvesting in the community, the benefits of spending your hard-earned cash at locally owned and operated businesses just makes sense.

But supporting your local economy extends beyond picking up your produce at the Blue Oaks farmer’s market or hitting up Ken’s Comics and Collectables. Supporting local service providers and professionals is just as important as giving your business to local retailers. In many ways, it may be the smartest way to spend your money when it comes to investing in the long-term health of your self, your family (including your pets), and your community.

As the pet care industry expands with pet owners spending more on their pets, there are a number of franchises, box stores, and national veterinary chains vying for your attention and your business. Not surprisingly, these same businesses are representative of corporate America in ways that you would expect, often placing bottom line profits and packaging before the best interests of their patients and clients. Continue…

Celebrate the Joy of Adopting a Pet

Girl Kissing Dog SilhouetteYour friends at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital are excited to announce the kickoff of our Community Animal Shelter Fundraiser to help raise the much needed funds it takes to provide housing, food, and veterinary medical care to the thousands of animals who rely upon the caring Rocklin community.

In the United States, more than 7.6 million companion animals are housed in shelters every year. Of these homeless and feral animals, roughly 40% never find their forever home and are euthanized. Many more are lost to accidents, disease, and other risks associated with the life of a stray animal.

Looking at the numbers can be overwhelming. You may wonder how you can make a difference… but, the encouraging news is that you CAN and DO make a positive impact on the lives of animals when you adopt, foster, or help homeless animals through a charitable donation or gift of volunteer service hours. Continue…