Powder Hounds: Keeping Pets Active Throughout Winter’s Chill

RRThe Rocklin area boasts a fairly reasonable winter climate that allows for keeping up with a year-round schedule of outdoor activities. But, even in light of our geographical luck, we can all get into a seasonal funk that perpetuates a serious lack of excitement regarding the simple act of going outside.

Regrettably, pets can suffer a similar seasonal happiness deficit. So what do you do when a pet doesn’t want to have anything to do with the backyard, let alone a hike or the dog park? If you and your pet are trying to cope with colder temperatures, shorter days, and less sunshine, we have some suggestions for keeping pets active throughout the coming months. And, by the time that first crocus pops up, you and your pet will be ready to go! Continue…

Pet Dental Care: Why It’s Essential

Brushing dogs teethIs improving your pet’s dental health on your list of new year’s resolutions? If not, it should be! Where once we relied exclusively on bones or hard kibble to keep our pet’s chompers healthy, we now know that daily dental care, pet dental examinations, and teeth cleaning are essential components to your pet’s overall health.

Attending to your pet’s dental and oral hygiene goes a long way in combating numerous diseases that not only affect the gums and teeth but also the organs and systems of the body. Continue…

Young at Heart: Caring for Senior Pets

iStock_000043604038_LargeThere is no age limit when it comes to how much love and joy a pet can bring into our lives. This is especially true when it comes to our four-legged geriatric friends. Opening your home and heart to a senior dog or cat, or caring for an aging pet who has been with you since puppy or kitten years, is deeply rewarding. Older pets are charismatic, generally mellower, oftentimes settled in to the routines and rules of the household, and affectionately grateful for the time you spend together.

However, caring for a senior pet does require some adjustments and considerations that weren’t necessary during his or her younger years. Understanding the changing health needs of senior pets is vital for successfully navigating your pet’s golden years.

The good news is, with a little forethought, you can expect to watch your best fur friend age gracefully and with the enthusiasm and unabashed joy of those younger years. Continue…