Pest Prevention – Stay Ahead of Fleas and Heartworm

Rocklin_iStock_000020401813_LargeIf your visions of spring and summer are filled with happy pet smiles, purrs, headbutts, barks, and tail wags, then you probably already got a head start on your pest prevention. Nothing can destroy joyful seasonal daydreams faster than a flea infestation or a diagnosis of heartworm disease. The two pests (fleas and mosquitoes, respectively) responsible for your pet’s suffering are just about ready to wake up, multiply, and ruin your summer vacation.

Let’s work on pest prevention techniques so you can get back to your warm weather reveries… Continue…

Kids and Pet Care: One Big Happy Family

Rocklin_iStock_000038997540_LargeMost pet lovers first connect with animals during childhood – and for many of us, the lasting impression of that experience endures far into adulthood. There’s no doubt that children and pets have a mutually beneficial relationship, but it’s not always one that comes automatically.

With the right recipe of awareness, patience, time, and trust, you can easily integrate your kids into the daily routines your family pet depends on. Making the effort to involve your kids with your pet’s care will not only help to endear your pet to your children, but will also teach your them about the wonders and responsibilities of pet ownership and the human-animal bond. Continue…

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Rattlesnake Safety for Pets

RR_iStock_000015823910_LargeMost Californians are aware of the danger that rattlesnakes can pose, both to us and our pets. Rattlesnakes inject venom through their fangs into their prey (usually because they feel threatened), with deadly results. When their prey happens to be a curious pet, however; the consequences can be devastating.

Are you taking the rattlesnake safety precautions necessary for your pets? Continue…

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