Fun Summer Activities for the Whole Family (Fur Kids Included)

Rocklin_iStock_000065003597_LargeSoon summer will be upon us, the kids will be out of school, and the hunt for local activities will become a weekly habit. Perhaps this year you have decided to consider the entire family in the fun, including the family dog. Whether you are planning a staycation or the ultimate road trip, we’ve compiled some cool ideas for hot summer days, and with the kids and family pet in tow. Continue…

Preparing For A Rewarding Pet Boarding Experience

Rocklin_iStock_000063455241_LargeWe know that, in a perfect world, your pet would accompany you everywhere – to work, the doctor’s office, salon, grocery store, and especially on vacation. But traveling with pets can be challenging, requiring a different set of safety precautions that perhaps you’d rather not deal with this time around.

Where does that leave your pet as you begin to make your travel arrangements? With us, of course! Rocklin Ranch is proud to offer pet boarding, and hope the following information helps you.

Rest Assured

It’s hard to accept that wherever you are going – to that corporate retreat your boss scheduled for you, or the spa package you so desperately need – your pet may not be welcome. Continue…

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Lost and Found: The Benefits of Microchipping Your Pet

Rocklin_iStock_000037155780_LargeYour best efforts to keep your pet safe and securely at home can quickly go awry. Luckily, posting forlorn “lost pet” posters around your neighborhood is not the only means of reuniting with Fluffy or Fido. Microchipping your pet is a safe and easy method to locating your lost or stolen pet, and we are excited to share the benefits of this widely-used practice below. Continue…

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Camp Bow-wow: Dog Park Etiquette For the Best Experience

Rocklin_iStock_000020004303_LargeDog parks are public areas that support and promote off-leash canine play, socialization, and exercise. They can be a phenomenal resource for both you and your precious pup, but there is a very specific code of conduct that deserves close consideration. If you are looking for a positive, safe experience at the dog park, we recommend boning-up using our following guide to dog park etiquette. Continue…

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Warm Weather and Pet Water Safety

Rocklin_iStock_000000090122_MediumWith the temps soaring and the sunscreen lathered on, many of us are hitting the pool or beaches in April this year (our apologies to friends and family back east). Swimming, BBQs, pool parties, and time on the water are made even more enjoyable with friends, including those of the canine variety. Continue…

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