Why We Love Living with Cats

Gray cat side view portraitSure, some people are allergic, don’t like to scoop litter, or maybe don’t really appreciate those fur tumbleweeds that glide across the kitchen floor… They may question why living with cats is enjoyable, preferring a gregarious canine to the independent, low-key feline. Yes, we have all heard those “crazy cat lady” jokes until they’re really gotten old (seriously, they have).

Frankly, the world seems to revolve around dogs and their needs, while quiet, unassuming cats just can’t get the respect they deserve.

But, there are some major advantages to living with a cats that those of us who have them without a doubt know. And, these make us adore our meow friends even more. Continue…

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It’s That Time Again: National Dog Week Is Here!

Rocklin-PrairieRidge_iStock_000060704362_LargeThe end of September is a time of transition in most households. In the hectic days that mark the shift from summer to fall activities, it’s easy to overlook our canine family members, who are likely feeling the stress of these busy days as much as we are. That’s where National Dog Week comes in!

National Dog week was founded in 1928 by Will Judy, decorated World War I veteran and longtime publisher of Dog World Magazine. Judy created National Dog Week as a means to educate and enlighten dog owners and their communities and as a tribute to the deep and ancient bond between human and dog. Continue…

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Will Your Pet’s Behavior Change When The Kids Return To School?

Schertz_iStock_000014192263_XXXLargeGetting back into the swing of the academic schedule can come with a high learning curve – and not only for your kids. Your family pet may have opinions that differ from the typical zeal for new school shoes, sweater weather, and upcoming fall holidays. But don’t despair! There are ways you can help your family pet beat the back to school blues, and your pet’s behavior can only benefit from some extra time, caring, and patience. Continue…

Top Five Pet Friendly Things to Do This Fall

Man with dogNow that we are in the last few weeks of summertime, you might think the leisure days are over for a while… Wrong! There’s no need to stash away the fun. There are plenty of cool, pet friendly things to do this fall with your family and fur friends.

Whether you are a pet owner Roseville, Loomis, or another community in Placer County, we are blessed with loads of autumnal beauty and good times. So, there’s no need for your calendar to be blank – fill it up with some fall fun. Continue…