Does Your Warm and Fuzzy Give You the Warm And Fuzzies? Celebrate National Cat Day!


ULVH_iStock_000011073323_Medium.jpgIf you’ve ever spent a significant amount of time watching Keyboard Cat or musing at lolcats, chances are, you’re a cat person who relishes the full spectrum of fine feline qualities. The internet has provided such an incredible forum for cat lovers to meet and unite in communal appreciation that, like a dog park for canine lovers, elevates the experience of owning – or belonging to – a cat.

As such, running an internet search for descriptive quotes about cats, you could be at your screen for hours. This veritable sea of quotes spans the ages – from royal scribes in ancient Egypt to modern day writers – and unilaterally boasts the long-lasting and powerful relationship between humans and felines.

National Cat Day, on October 29th, provides an opportunity to reflect on why your cat is special, and we’re here to help. Continue…

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Laundry Detergent Pods and Pets: A Hidden Danger

Rocklin_iStock_000045944674_Large.jpgLaundry detergent pods have gotten a lot of attention in the news lately due to children ingesting them. The colorful, shiny looking packets of concentrated laundry detergent are attention grabbing to curious little ones, to say the least.

The dangers of these detergent pods to our household pets, however, have received far less attention. Learn why laundry detergent pods and pets don’t mix and how to protect your household. Continue…

Cool Weather Care For Senior Pets

Rocklin_iStock_000037382322_Large.jpgEvery pet parent who is fortunate enough to be caring for a senior pet knows that older cats and dogs need a little bit of extra TLC. Now that fall is upon us (with winter close behind) it’s important to keep in mind the cool weather needs of our elderly pets.

Senior pets are especially vulnerable to heat and cold. You may notice underlying health concerns surfacing with your pet as temperatures drop. Take a few moments to bone up on ways you can keep your aging fur-baby warm, comfortable, and happy this season. Continue…

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Seasonal Cues: How To Keep The Pounds Off Your Pet All Year Round

Rovklin_iStock_000004418851_LargeThe giant sunflowers you planted last spring yielded hundreds of plump seeds.This is great news – especially for the backyard squirrels or birds. Slowly the infiltration begins: cautiously at first, and then boldly, these fluffy or furry scavengers take over in search of winter’s plentiful stockpile. Enter, your cat or dog, and prepare for a hearty, frisky run about the backyard.

Is this the type of seasonal exercise designed to keep pounds off your pet? Well yes, but also not exactly. All cheekiness aside (we certainly don’t advocate for chasing suburban wildlife up a tree), we’ve got some ideas to help your pet (and you, too) remain healthy this fall – and all the months to follow. Continue…