How to Make Pet Boarding Easier, Safer, and Enjoyable

Leon_iStock_000022779559_LargeMost first-timer’s consider pet boarding with some level of trepidation. This is understandable; it’s often a difficult decision to make when you and your pet usually go everywhere together.

However, there are steps you can take to feel empowered when selecting a pet boarding facility. You may even find that your pet is not only comfortable with the experience, but also enjoys it!

7 Tips to Make Pet Boarding a Breeze

Although it may be tempting to procrastinate, the earlier you start looking at pet boarding options, the better equipped you will be to make a good decision. The team at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital recommend these 7 essential tips to find the right kennel for your four-legged companion. Continue…

Hoppy Spring: Pet Friendly Easter Ideas


AIMSS_iStock_000059350762_LargeFrom plush bunnies to candy-filled baskets, Easter can be one of the most whimsical holidays of the year. As a family-oriented holiday, you may be looking for some pet friendly Easter ideas that keep your pet both safe and included in the fun. That’s why the team at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital has compiled the following list.

4 Easy, Pet Friendly Easter Ideas

  1. Make a pet Easter basket. Easter baskets aren’t just for kids. Get creative and crafty by surprising your pet with his or her own bountiful basket (but don’t use plastic grass!). Consider including:


What You Should Know About Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Rocklin_iStock_000069881025_LargeBootsy The Cat has been there for you through thick and thin. He may be getting a little older, but at 14 he hasn’t been sick a day in his life. He seems to be doing great and he is eating well, but over the past few months you have noticed his hips and spine sticking out a little more than they used to. It’s normal for old cats to lose a little weight, though, right?

You decide that maybe it’s best to get Bootsy checked out and bring him in for a checkup. When we place him on the scale to weigh in, you are astonished to see that he has lost almost a pound since his last visit less than a year ago. What could be going on?
As you may realize, it’s not always obvious that your cat is sick. There are many conditions that could be plaguing Bootsy; however, at the top of our list of suspects, is hyperthyroidism. Continue…

What it Means to be a Responsible Pet Owner

Rocklin_iStock_000074209125_LargeWelcoming a new pet into your life is an amazing experience. However, a great deal of thought and preparation goes into becoming a responsible pet owner. If you’re adopting a new puppy or kitten, you have years of fun to look forward to, but you’ll need to be prepared for a lot more than just a few back scratches. Think you’re ready? Let’s find out!

The Starting Line

It’s important to bring your new pal in for a wellness visit. This is a great way to launch a lifetime of healthy habits, and a good time for us to share some basic principles about being a responsible pet owner: Continue…