Arthritic Dogs: Encourage Better Mobility and Overall Health

Rocklin_iStock_000088600891_LargeArthritis is a common problem among senior dogs. Witnessing a beloved pet struggle with pain and discomfort can be heartbreaking, but advances in veterinary medicine have vastly improved the lives of many arthritic dogs. Keep reading to find out how you can help support a pet living with this condition.

10 Ways to Help an Arthritic Dog


What You Need to Know About the Rattlesnake Vaccination for Dogs

Rocklin_iStock_000005355248_LargeIf you live in here in California, you probably know a little bit about rattlesnakes. The bite of one of these venomous snakes can pack a big punch. In fact, rattlesnake venom can be fatal for people and pets alike.

Even if you practice good rattlesnake safety, pets can still happen upon these dangerous animals, and bites do happen. That is why the rattlesnake vaccination for dogs is so important in this neck of the woods.

About the Rattlesnake Vaccination for Dogs

Many vaccinations are recommended for pets, but not all pets need every vaccine.  Some vaccinations, such rabies, are considered core and advisable for almost all animals. Others are risk-based vaccines that are only administered in certain situations. The rattlesnake vaccine falls into the second category. Pets who may be considered for the vaccine include dogs: Continue…

The Last Laugh: Our Top Picks for the Best April Fools Pet Videos

Rocklin_iStock_000059111934_LargeWhat pranks did you play this year for April Fools’ Day? Remember back in 1996 when Taco Bell announced it was purchasing the Liberty Bell, only to rename it the Liberty Taco Bell? April Fools! How about the BBC’s famous hoax in 1957 that told of Swiss farmers having a record breaking spaghetti harvest? Ha, ha!

The truth is, April Fools Day has been around for centuries. When it comes to light-hearted practical jokes, no one – including a sweet, innocent pet – is safe. In the spirit of good fun, your friends at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital have highlighted a few of the best April Fools pet videos to give you and your pet a good chuckle. Enjoy! Continue…