Fancy Feet: Pet Nail Trimming Basics

Dog nails being cut and trimmed during groomingHave you looked at your pet’s nails lately? Nails that are too long can not only make walking uncomfortable for your pet, it can actually contribute to knee and hip problems by forcing your pet to walk on the outside of his or her paw pads.

Many pet owners are understandably apprehensive about trimming their pet’s nails. Because each nail is home to a blood vessel, also known as the “quick”, it’s easy to accidentally hurt your pet while trimming. This can create a pretty negative experience for the both of you, and make you and your pet apprehensive to try again. Continue…

Splash-Happy Fun: Teaching Your Dog to Swim

Enjoying simple thingsYou’ve packed the beach towel and are about to grab your pet’s leash for an awesome day on the water. But, hold up! Teaching your dog to swim is one of the most important requirements of pet water safety.

While most owners assume dogs are natural swimmers, the truth is, many require training. So before hitting the water, be sure your pet knows the basics about canine swimming.


Jumpy Jakes And Nervous Nellies: Coping With Pet Anxiety

Sad homeless street dogLike humans, pets have fears and anxieties, some more than others. Like humans, excessive anxiety can have adverse effects on our pet’s mental and physical health.

Learning strategies to help your furry pal cope with his or her pet anxiety is key to a happy and peaceful life for everyone in your household, and your team at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital is here for you every step of the way. Continue…

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From Meow to Ow! Examining Why Cats Bite

Funny Kitten play and biteHave you ever enjoyed a blissful, relaxing snuggle session with your cat only to have it end abruptly with a bite? This scenario is not uncommon, and it may seem unwarranted at times. However, there are numerous reasons why cats bite.

Had Enough

There’s no conclusive evidence as to why cats bite while being petted – it could mean your cat loves you or it could signal that he or she has had enough petting. Many cats offer “love bites,” but these aren’t exclusively doled out during snuggle time. If you’ve ever had your ankles bitten by a cat lying in wait, you already know what this is all about. It’s called redirected aggression and is carried out as a reflex of your cat. Continue…

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