Listen Up! The Importance of Keeping Pet Ears Clean

Red dogMuch like dental care, pet ears can sometimes be a mystery to pet owners. It’s easy to assume our furry companions can clean their own ears, and if there’s a problem, we’d know it.

In reality, dogs and cats need their ears cleaned periodically (especially dogs). This prevents infection and allows you to look for problems such as mites, ticks, or underlying health issues.

Because ear health can be a subtle yet important indicator of a number of different conditions, ear cleaning is an essential part of grooming and pet care. Continue…

Heatstroke in Pets: Still on the Rise?

Smiling labrador dogResponsible pet owners understand the meaning of prevention. To be sure, a preventive approach is the cornerstone of your pet’s health and wellness. Beyond adhering to recommended vaccines and parasite prevention, it’s crucial to keep your pet cool on hot, humid days. Heatstroke in pets is a real threat, but when you know what to look for, you can do your part to prevent it from happening.

The Biggest Mistake

Parked cars are a huge no-no, but why is that exactly? Even the most devoted pet owner may try leaving Fluffy or Fido in the backseat for a quick minute. After all, you parked in the shade and cracked the window…but the trapped air inside the car can heat up faster than you can make a withdrawal at the bank. Temperatures can skyrocket to triple digits inside a vehicle, endangering the life of an innocent pet. Continue…

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The Low-Down: Exploring Why Cats Knead

Relaxing at HomeIt’s that time again…You’ve just settled down with a cup of tea and a book. The blanket? Perfectly draped across your lap. It’s time to get real comfy, right? Well, you’re not alone.

Your cat’s observation skills are always at their zenith, and your super-cozy lap will never, ever escape their  keen powers of observation. Let the kneading begin!

Quite possibly the only behavior you can predict from your cat is the one that perplexes you the most. What is this methodical pawing on a soft surface that sends all cats into a zen-like state? We may not know conclusively, but we do have some ideas on why cats knead. Continue…

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