Scary Halloween Pet Hazards to Avoid

Chihuahua Wearing Clown CostumeHalloween is one of the most enjoyable holidays for pet owners. Just imagine all the adorable ghoul and goblin costumes, and think about how fun the crisp fall evenings are with your best fur friend in tow!

However, it’s important to remain aware of the Halloween pet hazards lurking in the shadows. To ensure a paw-friendly Halloween this year, we invite you to learn more about these potential dangers and how to avoid an unwanted scare this October. Continue…

Meeting the Nutritional and Exercise Needs of Your Indoor Cats

He's even littler than me!Cats are natural hunters – and this instinct often determines the ways they enjoy expending energy. Leaping, stalking, pouncing, and chasing after their “prey” are all ways cats express themselves and get exercise.

Indoor kitties sometimes face a challenge, in so far that their environment often lacks the same opportunities for these behaviors. Despite indoor pets being better protected from accidents, illnesses, and predation risks that come with the great outdoors, they do need some help to stay mentally and physically fit.

Along with exercise, many indoor cats need assistance in the weight management department. With 60% of all domestic cats qualifying as obese, your pet’s nutritional needs should also be carefully considered and perhaps modified. Continue…

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The Sweet Smoosh: Keeping Brachycephalic Breeds Safe in the Heat

Pekingese PortraitThat adorable face looking up at you with total and complete devotion is off-the-charts cute, but the same features that endear brachycephalic breeds are also responsible for certain health challenges. Pugs, Persians, and Pekingese are just a few of these popular flat-faced pets, but all pets with similar facial characteristics are susceptible to respiratory problems – especially when temperatures start to rise.


A Glance at Brachycephalic Breeds

Flat-nosed pets have been selectively bred to have shorter skulls, lower jaws, and smaller nasal passages than their counterparts. As a result, breathing is difficult for brachycephalic breeds. For example, you might notice a brachycephalic pet opting to breathe in and out through the mouth or making noise when eating, sleeping, or exercising. Continue…

Protect Your Pet From Mosquito Bites

mosquito silhouette on concrete textured surfaceFor most folks, summer is full of sunshine, laughter, and good times. For pet owners, it’s a maddening season of pests, pests, and more pests. While we advocate for year round parasite prevention, these hot, bug-filled months require special attention.

While it may be relatively easy to combat ticks and fleas, it can be more challenging to protect your pet from mosquito bites. However, with our tips and tricks, you can get back to enjoying the warm, sunny days that remain. Continue…