It’s Elementary, Mr. Whiskers: The Best Cat Names of 2016

Cat Lying DownThe popular animated Disney film The Aristocats is great for a lot of reasons (the music, the compelling plight against a selfish butler, a charming version of Paris), but the names of the characters are all, quite simply, spot-on. O’Malley, Roquefort, Scat Cat, Frou-Frou, Edgar, and Berlioz are so perfectly named, and they are the inspiration behind our own list of the best cat names of the year.


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Crossroads: Saying Goodbye to a Pet is Never Easy

owner petting dogIf we had our druthers, we would hold on to each and every pet forever. We make such powerful connections with our pets, it’s difficult and painful to accept that they, too, are on a journey toward the end of life.

In spite of worrisome signs of pain, sickness, and suffering, pet owners want to hope for a change or a little more time with their best friends, understanding that saying goodbye to a pet is the last stop on the path together.

The Real Joy of the Human-Animal Bond

TeamworkIf it seems like pet owners are happier and healthier individuals, it’s because they are! Pets bring a lot of joy and affection to our lives, which contributes to overall mental and physical health. If you’ve been thinking about adopting a pet, just consider all the benefits that come with the human-animal bond.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Loving a pet – and committing to their health and wellness – are surefire ways to become healthier yourself. Not only does their constant companionship ease anxiety and depression, the human-animal bond also has the power to transform your lifestyle. Continue…

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The Slobber Face: Why do Dogs Like to Lick?

puppy kissIf you’re a dog owner (or dog lover!), you’ve probably noticed that dogs seem to explore the world tongue-first. From licking their own paws to trying to give their owners a bath, it’s clear that dogs like to lick.

While we know canines enjoy this activity, there remains some mystery as to why they do it, especially when the object of their attention is, well, gross.


A Sticky Situation: Gastrointestinal Blockages in Pets

Playful KittenPets eat all sorts of strange things. From cotton swabs to even rocks, we have seen it all. Many times (probably more than we know), these foreign objects pass through pets without any trouble whatsoever. Sometimes, though, things get stuck.

Learn about gastrointestinal blockages in pets and what can be done.

When Gastrointestinal Blockages in Pets Occur

Any non-food item that a pet ingests can potentially become stuck in the digestive tract. A few items, however, are common offenders on the list of gastrointestinal blockages in pets. These include: Continue…