‘Tis the Season: Your Guide to the Best Pet Gifts of 2016

Playing with her cat for ChristmasThe holiday shopping season has begun in earnest, and if you’re like the majority of pet owners in the United States, your pets are included in your gift list. With so many amazing options when it comes to pet toys, treats, and gadgets available, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one (or three!).

Never fear, your team at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital is here! After an exhaustive search, we’ve narrowed down some of our favorites for you. Our guide to the season’s best pet gifts is sure to please even the most discerning pet.


New Traditions: Suggestions for Sharing Thanksgiving With Your Pet

Father and daughter in kitchen for christmas with their dog.Everything about Thanksgiving is tantalizing – for pets and people alike. That’s why it only makes sense to share Thanksgiving with your pet. Celebrating together is the best when you can both indulge in rich, buttery casseroles and toast all that you’re grateful for with a glass of hard cider.

Wait! That’s not right! In fact, this could place your pet in immediate danger. Fortunately, our team is here to help you design safe and happy Thanksgiving traditions that protect your pet’s health and wellness.


Such Great Heights: What You Can Do to Support Senior Cat Health

Paws cleaningIf you’ve lived with your senior cat since their infancy, you likely know them really well. You know their preferences and capabilities – and you know when something isn’t right. Watching for any signs of change (even the most subtle) can make a huge difference to overall senior cat health. Early detection and intervention are your biggest allies in helping your pet achieve a long, healthy, and happy life. Your friends at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital are here to help!


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Avoid Pancreatitis in Pets This Holiday Season

Begging for the Holiday FeastAround the holidays, many pets are at an increased risk of food-related complications, including pancreatitis in pets. However, few owners understand pancreatitis in pets and how to prevent this potentially devastating illness.

To keep the holidays merry and bright, the team at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital encourages you to brush up on the risks of pancreatitis and take the proper steps to avoid a veterinary emergency.