Preventing Dehydration in Pets

dehydrationWater is something many of us take for granted and yet it is the very stuff of life, comprising up to 80 percent of the body. There’s no doubt we need water to live and the same is true for our furry friends. To keep your pet protected against dehydration year-round, read up about the signs of dehydration in pets and what you can do to encourage better hydration in your dog or cat.


Are Pet Kisses Safe? To Smooch or Not to Smooch

pet kissesIt’s hard not to love the fact that your pet is thrilled to see you after a long day apart. For many pet owners, this means enduring a daily round of slobbery pet kisses. Some of us don’t mind this type of attention, while others avoid that doggy tongue at all costs.

Most pet owners have probably wondered, at one time or another, whether dog kisses are safe or even if pet mouths healthy.

Why Dogs Lick

Although it’s endearing to think that your best pal is giving you “kisses”, that probably isn’t the reason he or she is licking you. There are a variety of potential reasons for that tongue bath, including:


Human Medications: Common Culprits of Pet Poisonings

Certain pharmaceuticals have the potential to bring us great relief. From headaches and allergies to congestion and depression, human medications ease symptoms and eliminate pain. But when half of all pet poisonings are related to them, it’s time for drastic measures to protect your pet.

Script or Not

Prescription medications aren’t necessarily more toxic to pets than over-the-counter ones. The basic rule to prevent pet poisonings is to keep pets and all medications separated. Some animals will tip over a bottle and try out the flavor of whatever spilled out. Others might sniff out the trash and find discarded medication. Please take extra measures to ensure that your curious or bored pet doesn’t ingest human medications.


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Have No Worries With Our Pet Party Safety Tips

pet party safetyFrom Easter all the way through Labor Day, families schedule backyard get-togethers and BBQ’s. What’s not to love? Absolutely nothing – except for the inherent dangers to your pet. It may not seem like pet party safety is a prerequisite for fun, but without extra care and vigilance at parties, your pet could find big trouble.

Screening Time

Does your pet enjoy the company of others or does he or she tend to act up when the doorbell rings over and over? A highly sociable animal can make the party even more lively, but one that’s shy, timid, or stressed may find the situation untenable.