The Meaning and Value of an AAHA-Accredited Veterinary Hospital

AAHAWhen pet owners shop around for a good vet, they typically seek a positive, affordable experience. However, not all veterinary practices are created equal. There are higher standards of practice in place that make an AAHA-accredited hospital a better choice, but what exactly does that mean to a pet owner?

The Gold Standard

Human hospitals have strict policies and procedures intended to regulate the quality of care. Veterinary hospitals and clinics, however, are not mandated to follow the highest standards of veterinary care as outlined by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA); it is entirely voluntary.


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Time for a Kitty Intervention? Examining the Effects of Catnip

effects of catnipIf you’re one of the hundreds of millions of people devoted to funny cat videos, you’ve definitely seen some hilarious, catnip-induced antics. While funny, these clips beg the question: is catnip safe for cats?

Many cat owners speculate about the long-lasting effects of catnip on their feline friends while others wonder why their cat doesn’t show any interest in the green goody. Who knew there was so much to learn about catnip?!


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All About Pet Sweat (In Case You Were Wondering)

pets sweatI sweat, you sweat, dogs sweat, er…cats sweat? Well, sort of. The problem is that pets don’t sweat exactly like us (and therefore never have to worry about B.O. or nervous, sweaty handshakes). This is one of the reasons you need to pay extra close attention to your pet during the heat of the summer. They simply lack an efficient cooling system.

But, they do sweat. So, the next time you’re out for a jog or moving something heavy, wipe your brow and consider some of the following facts about pet sweat!


Caring for a Special Needs Pet

special needs petThere’s no doubt about it: everyone loves a cuddly little kitten or puppy. They’re young, impressionable, and have their whole lives ahead of them…who could resist adopting one of them? Unfortunately, that’s why so many senior pets and those with special health needs languish in shelters, often never finding a family to care for special needs pets.

One of the most loving decisions a person can make is to adopt an animal with special needs. Special needs pets range in what specific accommodations are needed, but typically include those with behavior challenges or a traumatic past, chronic health conditions, physical disabilities, or they’re simply old.