Cuddles or Puddles? Caring for Your Dog in the Rain

A puppy wearing boots and holding an umbrellaRocklin may not have the slushiest spring weather, but our precipitation levels are typically highest in February and March. Your dog might be a self-respecting pluviophile who can’t resist a rainy day, or perhaps he or she winces at the sight of a wet yard. Either way, our team is here to give you tips about caring for your dog in the rain. Get your galoshes ready!

Gear Up

Life cannot simply slow down or stop on account of a little rain. Plus, if you’re trying to help your pet maintain a healthy weight, you must stick with your daily exercise routine.

One of the most important elements of caring for your dog in the rain is getting the right gear to protect his or her coat and paws. Your dog could look smashing in a fitted poncho, boots, or specially designed outerwear. However, comfort is key. Make sure your pet is at ease wearing rain gear, and closely monitor him or her for any signs of stress.

Basic Tips

Without the right gear, your dog may get sopping wet – or downright muddy. Ideally, your dog should remain inside during inclement or cooler weather, but if he or she insists on venturing out sans gear, make sure his or her coat remains dry with easy access to warm shelter.   

Muddy paws can be a source of exasperation during the early spring months. Your dog needs to be thoroughly toweled off before entering the home. He or she can be trained to wait for each paw to be thoroughly cleaned.

Skin Irritation

If it seems like your dog seeks out every possible opportunity to get muddy, don’t despair. You might be bathing your dog one minute, only to find he or she is out rolling in the mud again. However, there are ways to mitigate skin irritation brought on by repetitive bathing, such as:

  • Brush your dog’s coat before bathing; pay close attention to any mats.
  • Use a special hypoallergenic dog shampoo that offers relief to itchy skin.
  • Dry your dog’s coat thoroughly.
  • Call us for help finding an excellent dog groomer for a close trim.

Ears and Nails?

Caring for your dog in the rain includes inspecting his or her ears and feet. Dirt and moisture can accumulate in these areas, causing severe infections. Dry your dog’s ears and check the paw pads and nails for any traces of debris or dirt.

Caring for Your Dog in the Rain: Other Helpful Tips

To support your dog’s safety and wellness during the rainy months, we offer the following tips:

  • Avoid mushrooms that pop up after a rainy day. If your dog ingests a poisonous mushroom, he or she may require emergency care.
  • Some dogs dislike the feel or sound of rain. Going outside with your finicky pup may put him or her at ease in order to conduct important “business.” If your dog is prone to bolting after a thunderclap, connect the leash prior to escorting him or her to the backyard. Just in case, microchip your dog and keep information current.
  • Increase indoor play time with special rainy day activities, or climb the steps inside as an alternative to outdoor walks in the rain.
  • Adjust food portions if your dog isn’t getting the physical exercise he or she is used to. We can help you with this!
  • During severe weather, have your emergency kit and your dog’s crate ready in case of flooding or evacuation.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns. Above all, stay dry and safe!

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