Small Spaces: Apartment Living With Pets

Rocklin_iStock_000018958376_LargeIf you don’t own a farm or have a sprawling backyard, you might wonder how to make apartment living with pets a success. While it’s not impossible to find suitable options for health, wellness, and safety, negotiating the needs of a pet can be tricky.

Luckily, Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital has some tips for apartment living with pets that will have you rolling out the welcome mat for your four-legged friend.

The “Fun”-damentals

First and foremost, make sure to get the approval of your landlord or building site manager before bringing a pet home. Breaking the rules of your contract or lease could result in eviction or the surrender of your pet.

Depending on breed, size, and age, you must keep the basics in mind when sharing a small space. For example, the needs of an indoor cat vary greatly from those of a large breed dog. Also keep in mind a rambunctious puppy or kitten may be more difficult to raise than a more mellow senior pet, especially in an apartment.

Remember, your choice to adopt a pet should align with what you can and will provide for him or her.

The (Huge) Outside World

Getting outside is essential to your pet’s well being. This allows for exercise, stimulation, and the potential to socialize with other animals and people. Outdoor playtime also reinforces the bond between both of you.

Other tips for apartment living with pets include:

  • Spend a minimum of 30 minutes outside each day
  • Address behavior associated with separation anxiety (e.g, barking or whining)
  • Consider the benefits of crate training your cat
  • Station various energy-burning or stimulating toys throughout your small space
  • Maintain open access to your cat’s litter box at all times
  • Clean up messes before odors permeate your entire apartment
  • Make arrangements for your dog if you can’t make it home for routine bathroom breaks
  • Keep your pet away from open windows (even if screened)
  • Restrict access to balconies
  • Don’t let your pet trample through garden beds or eat any plants (although beautiful, your building’s landscaping may contain toxic plants or pesticides)

Apartment Living With Pets: The Bottom Line

Apartment living with pets can be cozy – provided their mental, physical, and behavioral needs are met. This can be a truly fun and wonderful experience, but be sure to contact us if any issues arise.

Early action can prevent problems from spiraling out of hand, making apartment living with pets much easier. Don’t hesitate to reach out – our team looks forward to hearing from you!