Shopping Spree! Sweet Mother’s Day Gifts for Pet Lovers

Mother with dog on Mother's DayKnowing what a person likes (or obsesses over) makes shopping for them so much easier, don’t you think? That’s why we adore moms that love animals: instant (and gratifying) shopping spree!

There are so many potential Mother’s day gifts for pet lovers, that before you know it, the total of items in your cart is more than your monthly grocery budget. Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital understands this all too well, and to make your life easier, we’ve got some simple ideas that every mom/pet lover will like.

Pulling Off the Look

Does the mom in your life like to accessorize? Jewelry is commonly given on Mother’s Day, and we find these options especially charming:

So cute, you might want to just stop there….But wait!  

There’s More Mother’s Day Gifts for Pet Lovers!

Our veterinarians and staff were hard pressed to narrow down the list of decorative items that most moms would go crazy over. After much discussion, we heartily recommend:

Making Life More Fun

The mothers we know (and endlessly adore) seem to have a fondness for stamps. Custom dog postage stamps or cat postage stamps make correspondence more fun, and an envelope marked with the face of sweet cat or dog might just make someone’s day!

A list of Mother’s Day gifts for pet lovers would simply not be complete without gadgets. The Motorola Scout 66 Pet Monitor can make a mom’s life much easier if she’s constantly worried about what he pet is up to while she’s not at home. She can turn her device or tablet into a video camera that also allows her to talk with her pet, keeping loneliness or anxiety at bay.

If you’re concerned about an aging mom’s mobility or arthritis, check out the iFetch toy or this automatic pet door opener to make sharing her life with an energetic pet more manageable.

Finally, if you’re thinking about where to take your special mom and her pet, consider one of these local pet-friendly restaurants. “Bone” Appetit!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Your friends and partners in pet health at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital hope you and the special mom in your life have a wonderful time together. With our Mother’s Day gifts for pet lovers, we’re almost certain you will! Please give us a call with any questions, comments, or concerns. We always look forward to hearing from you!