Good Manners, Good Fun: Dog Park Etiquette 101

Dog park etiquette can make playing with your dog funRocklin, California is certainly a great place to live if you’re a dog. Our summers are beautiful, our winters are mild, and the opportunities for outdoor fun are endless. In fact, dog parks are often on the agenda for pets and owners alike, but are you and your dog observing proper dog park etiquette?

Ready to Go?

To owners, the dog park can seem like a magical place. Pets can burn off excess energy and make friends, all while remaining leash-free. However, before heading out to one of the many dog parks in Rocklin or Roseville, it’s important to make sure your dog is prepared to hang out in such a setting. Continue…

Camp Bow-wow: Dog Park Etiquette For the Best Experience

Rocklin_iStock_000020004303_LargeDog parks are public areas that support and promote off-leash canine play, socialization, and exercise. They can be a phenomenal resource for both you and your precious pup, but there is a very specific code of conduct that deserves close consideration. If you are looking for a positive, safe experience at the dog park, we recommend boning-up using our following guide to dog park etiquette. Continue…

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Unappetizing? Yes. But Dog Poop Can Actually Make People Sick

A sign reading "Please pick up after your pet"

Most etiquette experts agree that certain topics should never, ever be discussed at social gatherings. Religion and politics top the list, but a very close third would have to be bodily functions. When it comes to dog poop, however, the more people that do talk about it, the better.

While our motives are definitely connected to aesthetics and cleanliness, the fecal matter of our best friends can cause serious illness. 

Close the Gap

A dog goes to the bathroom in their own backyard (if they have one), when they’re out on a walk with their owner, or when they’re let off-leash in designated areas. Sometimes, they even do it inside the house! No matter where it happens, dog owners generally do their best to pick it up and dispose of it properly. 


Bugged Out: Parasites, Pets, and Parks

A puppy scratching itselfDog parks and other pet friendly outdoor locations are popular, especially during the spring and summer months. Who doesn’t love to roam through the blooms, enjoying the fresh air with a four-legged pal? However, while these gathering places can be great for exercise and socialization, they’re also popular among pests.

Parasites, pets, and parks seem to be a common but crummy combo, encouraging the spread of harmful diseases. Keep reading to learn more about how to keep your pet from falling host to these bothersome bugs.


Apps for Dogs and Cats and the People Who Love Them

App with catIf you’re like, well, pretty much everyone out there, you probably have a few dozen apps on your smartphone or tablet. These might include step-counting fitness apps or apps to help you source the best sushi nationwide. So, it is no wonder why, given how many of us are also pet owners, apps for cats, dogs, and other pets are becoming more common.

But, when it comes to pet apps, figuring out the ones that are most useful or entertaining can be a time consuming endeavor. Continue…


A brown dog pantingIf you have ever tried to rent an apartment with a pet, you know that it can be a little bit of a pain. Pet deposits, care stipulations, and even breed restrictions can leave pet owners feeling overwhelmed and even a little bit hurt. After all, why is someone with a Rottweiler sent packing even if the dog is an obedience champion?

There are quite a few misunderstood dog breeds out there. Take a minute to learn who they are, how they are discriminated against, and what you can do to set the record straight. Continue…

It’s That Time Again: National Dog Week Is Here!

A black, brown, and white dogThe end of September is a time of transition in most households. In the hectic days that mark the shift from summer to fall activities, it’s easy to overlook our canine family members, who are likely feeling the stress of these busy days as much as we are. That’s where National Dog Week comes in!

National Dog week was founded in 1928 by Will Judy, decorated World War I veteran and longtime publisher of Dog World Magazine. Judy created National Dog Week as a means to educate and enlighten dog owners and their communities and as a tribute to the deep and ancient bond between human and dog. Continue…

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Successfully Taking Your Dog to Work

iStock_000016084712_SmallFor many of us, work can be a bit blah – and most of us agree that it would be much better if we had our favorite four-legged friend to keep us company as we trudged through the workday. If this pie-in-the sky idea sounds familiar, then you’re in luck! Here are tips for making a success of National Take Your Dog to Work Day, or any day that you introduce your dog to the office.

The official Take Your Dog to Work Day was created in 1999 by Pet Sitters International. It’s original intent was to celebrate dogs as companions, and to encourage people to adopt. This annual event is now celebrated on the Friday following Father’s Day each year.

Why Take Your Dog to Work

The American Pet Products Association surveyed fifty million people and found that they all believe that pets in the workplace not only help people get along better, but that it might even lead to more creativity. Your dog calms you when you are stressed at home, so just imagine what he or she can do for you and your co-workers in the office!

There are actually companies that allow dogs in the office every day – including Google and Amazon. In fact, The American Pet Products Association found that about 1.4 million owners take their dogs to work with them every day. That’s a lot of dogs. Continue…

Winter Pet Activities to Keep Up Until Spring

A Weimaraner standing in a field

The holidays are long-gone, but that doesn’t mean seasonal liberation is on the horizon. Instead, we must endure short, overcast, chilly days until the trees and flowers begin to bloom in 2-3 months.

Like kids, pets can start to feel a bit antsy this time of year. Luckily, there are some worthwhile winter pet activities to keep their paws moving and minds working.


BOOM! Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital’s Top 10 Pet Care Blogs Of 2018

A cat sitting in a file cabinet

Another year has come to a close, and for many of us this is a time to reflect on the past twelve months, and to ponder what can be done to make the coming year even better. As exciting as it can be to forge ahead with new resolutions in 2019, taking a moment to be grateful for the good times and lessons learned in 2018 is just as important.

At Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital it is our continuing goal to provide the very best care for our patients. Offering education resources, such as our pet care blogs, is a critical part of this effort. After all, pet wellness begins in the home!

Based on reader response, we’ve compiled our most popular pet care blogs of 2018 for your reading pleasure.