Best Week Ever: Pet Appreciation Week

A big dog licking their humanThe first week of June marks one of the most important weeks we can think of, and Pet Appreciation Week never fails to disappoint. This valuable time is bracketed by reflection, pampering, and maybe even new adventures. In case you’re looking for inspiration, we have brainstormed some ideas to make this Pet Appreciation Week memorable – for you and your pet.

Where To Begin?

Sometimes it’s hard to see past what you do for your pet on a daily basis. Beyond proper nutrition, adequate exercise, grooming, and parasite prevention, a responsible pet owner should spay or neuter, vaccinate against deadly diseases, and maintain routine wellness appointments.

To really make your pet feel the love, we offer these ideas (in no particular order) to help you celebrate Pet Appreciation Week:

  1. Take your pet along one of Rocklin’s best on-leash hiking trails or hike off-leash on trails throughout Placer county
  2. Create your own backyard obstacle or agility course
  3. Visit a local, pet-friendly winery and toast your furry friend
  4. Dig out your old rollerblades and go cruising with your pet
  5. Paint a portrait of your pet and frame it
  6. Place non-toxic finger paint on your pet’s paws and encourage him or her to make some art
  7. Go swimming along the Codfish Creek Trail
  8. Make your pet’s favorite homemade treats
  9. Buy and plant some catnip for your cat
  10. Brush out your pet’s coat and give him or her lots of affection
  11. Give your pet’s mouth a look-see and offer to brush his or her teeth
  12. Take a day trip to Folsom Lake State Recreation Area
  13. Go fishing together
  14. Build your cat a new window perch, scratching post, or DIY hammock
  15. Schedule a special grooming session
  16. Take your dog to the dog park
  17. Go camping
  18. Auburn State Recreation Area is a lovely place to enjoy nature with your pet
  19. Look into pet insurance and purchase a plan for your pet so you won’t have to worry about life-saving care in the future
  20. Increase your exercise time
  21. Take your pet out to dinner at any Baja Fresh, Chipotle, or Rubicon Brewing Company and relax on the outdoor patio together
  22. Teach your pet a new trick (high-5 is a great one!)
  23. Take your pet shopping and let him or her pick out a new toy
  24. Bring your pet along with you to work
  25. Play hide and seek with your pet
  26. Dance with your pet to your favorite song
  27. Let your dog take you for a walk
  28. Join or start a meetup for your pet to make friends
  29. Offer extra snuggle time
  30. Purchase a new collar, harness, leash, or tags that show off your pet’s personality

Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week In Style!

Of course, you have ample time throughout the year to offer your continued love for and dedication to your special furry friend, but Pet Appreciation Week provides a 7-day opportunity to give, reflect, and appreciate your pet. Your pet gives you an endless supply of unconditional love, hilarious behavior, and sweet snuggles. Now? It’s your turn to give back!

Happy Pet Appreciation Week!