Cat Wellness Care for Hoomans

Rocklin CA happy cat.

We all know that doggos are the best, 12/10 paw-some. The dogtors at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital sez that cattos are pretty cool, too, though, and we are inclined to believe them. Did you know that even though dem purr-buckets say dem is okay, sometimes they need hoomans help, too? Lucky for you, we are gonna do you an educate and tell you all there is to know about cat wellness care

Why Wellness Care for Cattos

Even if dem cattos says dem purr-fect, routine wellness care is so important. Bringing them to visit to dogtor at least once a year is a must-do. Why you ask? Well…

  • Get to know the dogtor—Even though the dogtor looks heckin scary, the vets at Rocklin Ranch are sooper noice. I am pretty sure that they take good care of kittehs even though doggos are their favorite. When you visit them they know more about you and when you doin a normal or you are not doin rite. 
  • Know the normal—Routine visits lets the dogtor sniff out changes sooner. Like if your catto is normally a chonk but now is not so chonky or if the floof isn’t quite rite, your dogtor will be able to help. Wellness care establishes a baseline for good catto care and allows earlier detecshon of problems.
  • Do you a learn about recommendations—Wellness visits also allow to dogtor to do the hoomans an educate about what things they should do to help their catto stay healthy. They might want to do your kitteh a poke (don’t worry, it only hurts for a sec), check bloods, or want them to have their teefs cleaned. Cat wellness visits give the dogtor and your hooman a chance to discuss the best care recommendations. 

Doin a Proactive for Your Pets

When you bring your fatto catto to the dogtor’s office for a wellness visit, there are a few things that you can expect. These include:

  • A body condition assessment (is your cat a thin boi, a chonk, a mega-chonk?)
  • Doin a discuss about your pet’s noms and activity
  • Queshuns bout your kitteh’s environment, routine, and overall heath
  • A nose to tail examinashun
  • Recommendations for prevenshun of problems like vaccinashuns and parasite prevenshun

The dogtor and their helpers will do you so many questions, so make sure that you are able to go with your catto or at least be available to talk on the fone.

Everyone at Rocklin Ranch wants to keep doggos and kittens healthy and happeh. Give your frens there a call today so that you can schedule to bring your good boi or girl in for a visit. It’s important!