Veterinary Hospital Lobby Etiquette 101

If you’ve spent any time with us at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital, you know your pet’s safety and comfort is extremely important to us. Each pet patient begins their experience in our lobby, and the time spent in this area can make or break the rest of their appointment. Unnecessary stress or excitement can result in a less cooperative pet, but a positive lobby experience can lead to a much more productive exam.

Practicing good veterinary hospital lobby etiquette not only keeps people and pets safe, it also serves as the first step to creating a positive experience for you, your pet, and everyone else who enters our building.


A Note from Dr. Tara Gee, DVM

Dear Clients & Friends,

It has been a great pleasure and honor to provide veterinary care for your pets over the past 39 years.

The partnerships we have forged, your trust, loyalty, and dedication have allowed me to help and share the lives of your 4 footed family members. It has been a grand journey both personally and professionally.

When I retire at the end of March 2019, I know I leave you in the compassionate, skilled and knowledgable hands with the veterinarians at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital.

Thank you all very much for your confidence and trust, and allowing me into your lives and the lives of your pets.

Most Sincerely,

Dr. Tara Gee, DVM

BOOM! Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital’s Top 10 Pet Care Blogs Of 2018

Another year has come to a close, and for many of us this is a time to reflect on the past twelve months, and to ponder what can be done to make the coming year even better. As exciting as it can be to forge ahead with new resolutions in 2019, taking a moment to be grateful for the good times and lessons learned in 2018 is just as important.

At Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital it is our continuing goal to provide the very best care for our patients. Offering education resources, such as our pet care blogs, is a critical part of this effort. After all, pet wellness begins in the home!

Based on reader response, we’ve compiled our most popular pet care blogs of 2018 for your reading pleasure.


Worth the Wait: Behind the Scenes About Wait Time at the Vet

Wait time at the vet may be used to meet new and exciting people.We know that your time is valuable. At Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital, we also know that your pets are your world.

When you visit our hospital, we do our best to get you in as close to your scheduled appointment time as possible. Sometimes, though, life happens and we can run a bit behind. We wanted to take some time to share with you why these delays sometimes happen in an animal hospital, and what you can do to help.

Wait Time at the Vet Explained

Many times when we are running 5-10 minutes behind schedule, we are met with Grumpy Cats. We can assure you, if we are a bit backlogged, it isn’t because we are enjoying an extra long lunch break, rather we are behind because we are helping someone else’s pet.

We are always doing our best to get to you as quickly as possible, but there are some legitimate and unpredictable circumstances that can lead to a delay. Continue…

Reap the Rewards: The Benefits at Rocklin Ranch

Working at Rocklin Ranch can be the cat's meow!In veterinary medicine, there’s always a team of people behind the scenes working closely to care for pets. Bonded by our deep love of animals, we often work long hours but are fulfilled knowing we’re doing our part to keep pets healthy and happy.

There are also other rewards when it comes to working here. Let us share some of the benefits at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital that our team members enjoy. Continue…

Countdown To The New Year: Rocklin Ranch’s Top 10 Blogs Of 2015

Rovklin_iStock_000004418851_LargeThe beginning of a new year brings with it much celebration and anticipation. As you make your last minute runs to the store (Champagne? Check. Party hats festooned with LED flashing lights? Check.) and put the finishing touches on your New Year’s resolutions (Eat better! Work less! Walk the dog more!) we invite you to take a moment of respite join us on a trip down memory lane. Continue…

Celebrate RRVH’s Vet Tech Rockstars!

Copy of photo 4October 12–18, 2014, is National Veterinary Technician Week – a week we pause to recognize our Vet Tech rockstars. At Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital, we have a lot to celebrate. Our amazing team of vet techs is, in our humble opinion, second to none. We consider ourselves to be so lucky to have the team we have, and we owe a part of our success to them.

In many ways, vet techs are the glue that holds a successful veterinary practice together, and ours is no exception. Somehow these amazingly clever people manage a balance between delivering the veterinary industry’s best practices and giving you and your pet the care and comfort that you need. And they do it with grace, poise, and compassion. We know this is no easy task, and we truly feel that our team does an outstanding job. Continue…

Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital’s New Home

RR MonumentWelcome to Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital’s new home!

At long last our new doors are open, and our staff is ready to welcome you and your pet into our new facility. We hope you’re as excited as we are about our new home. We look forward to giving your pet the compassionate care you expect from our veterinary team from the comfort of our new, modern facility.

While we hope you will experience all our new hospital has to offer for yourself, we thought we’d let you know what you can expect from our new location.

Our New Home

Our new state-of-the-art veterinary hospital is poised to give your pet the same stellar care you expect plus the added benefit of expanded services and amenities, all in our newly-designed spacious and family-friendly environment.

Our new additions and enhancements include:

Expanded Services and Space

  • A spacious new lobby designed to give each pet his or her personal space

  • A children’s play area in the lobby to keep them busy and happy Continue…