Celebrate the Joy of Adopting a Pet

Girl Kissing Dog SilhouetteYour friends at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital are excited to announce the kickoff of our Community Animal Shelter Fundraiser to help raise the much needed funds it takes to provide housing, food, and veterinary medical care to the thousands of animals who rely upon the caring Rocklin community.

In the United States, more than 7.6 million companion animals are housed in shelters every year. Of these homeless and feral animals, roughly 40% never find their forever home and are euthanized. Many more are lost to accidents, disease, and other risks associated with the life of a stray animal.

Looking at the numbers can be overwhelming. You may wonder how you can make a difference… but, the encouraging news is that you CAN and DO make a positive impact on the lives of animals when you adopt, foster, or help homeless animals through a charitable donation or gift of volunteer service hours.

Rocklin Ranch’s ROCKIN’ Ways YOU can be a Shelter Pet Superstar

Adopt – If you’re considering becoming a pet guardian, please choose adoption over buying. Shelter pets are relying on your commitment to provide a home for one of the thousands seeking love, companionship, and care.  By adopting, you support the reduction in pet overpopulation and discourage the proliferation of puppy mills and other unethical breeding operations from which several pet stores acquire their dogs, cats, and other species.

Foster – Can’t offer the long-term commitment, have limited financial resources, or have a small space? No problem. You can still contribute an invaluable service by providing temporary shelter to a sweet cat, dog, or other homeless animal. Foster pet guardians are integral in socializing pets, house training young puppies and kittens, and giving a shelter pet more attention and care than he or she’d receive in a crowded rescue facility.

Volunteer – Many shelters and rescue organizations operate on a very small budget and depend upon the time and talents of those who believe in the mission. Volunteering alleviates some of the financial burden shelters face when individuals choose to offer their time in a wide range of services, from kennel cleaning to office work, outreach to adoption assistance.

Educate – Lend your insights, information, and gift of gab by being a “tabling” volunteer at a local festival or event. Many shelters seek individuals who are comfortable speaking in public and interacting with strangers to help inform the community on issues related to spay and neuter programs and how important adoption is to the lives of animals being saved, as well as the entire community.

Spay and Neuter – One of the most important things you can do as an individual is spay or neuter your pet. The sheer number of cats and dogs in the United States is astounding and likely to continue to grow, putting animals at risk for accidents, diseases, and homelessness. You can do your part by being a responsible, loving pet guardian.

Spread the Word – Talk to your friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors about the wonderful feeling you get – and the incredible good deed you provide – by adopting versus buying a pet. Talk to them about the issues shelters and rescues face and the brutal realities – as heartbreaking as they may be – many animals live with on the streets and in overcrowded shelters. Encourage them to be animal champions, too!

Donate – Last but certainly not least, most shelters receive very little funding from municipal or governmental sources and operate as nonprofits. Charitable donations from caring individuals make it possible to provide the many programs and services that improve the lives of thousands of animals each year. Please consider making a gift to support the incredible work being done to help homeless and abandoned animals.

We hope you feel inspired during Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (and beyond) and choose to give your time, talent, or gift to help the many deserving animals awaiting their forever homes. And, don’t forget to join us in participating in our Rocklin Community Animal Shelter Fundraiser with all proceeds going directly to improving the lives of cats, dogs, and other animals in our community. Thank you!