Best Place to Work: Why Dress Up Day at Rocklin Ranch Pays Off

dress up dayAs busy veterinary professionals, dedicated to constantly improving our skills, we take our jobs seriously. It is an honor and privilege to care for our community’s pets, and we strive everyday to make a difference in the lives of our furry patients. The best part? We have fun doing it!

We are committed to the highest level of veterinary professionalism. However, in order to maximize our efforts, the value of balance must be recognized. To truly work well together (and deliver the best possible care), we design opportunities to balance the serious nature of our workplace with a little folly, like our monthly Dress Up Day. And now, you get to play along with us!

Serious, Not Grim

Our veterinary hospital can be an exciting, and sometimes exhilarating, place to be. Many of the pets who come in to see us are happy about it. This, of course, makes us feel like our jobs are worthwhile. Just because our patients are happy doesn’t necessarily make our workplace a silly environment. On the contrary; we work even harder to ensure a pet’s wellness.

Feel at Ease

There is hard evidence that supports the value in an environment that allows an individual to feel at ease. In other words, happy staff members are great employees.

dress up day

Because we want every professional here to feel at home, we created a monthly Dress Up Day to encourage a feeling of shared purpose and engagement among our staff.

Quirks and Personalities

To successfully build morale, we decided to pay close attention to the unique quirks and personalities of our staff members. Similar to having a “theme day” at summer camp, Dress Up Days offer wonderful opportunities to just be ourselves at work. Far from mandatory, these special days give people a chance to have a little fun, get creative, and feel more productive.

We Want to Share Dress Up Day with You

We’ve already enjoyed “Nerd Day”, but here’s a little sample of what you might see us wearing toward the end of every month this year:

  • Hippie Day
  • Johnny Cash Day
  • Elvis Day
  • Hat Day
  • Crazy Sock Day
  • Hawaiian Shirt Day
  • Manic Monday
  • Favorite Band T-Shirt Day
  • Mustache Day
  • Pajama Day
  • Celebrity Look-Alike Day

Our Dress Up Days are always the last day of the month. Be sure to check out the Rocklin Ranch Facebook page throughout the month to find out what our monthly theme for Dress Up Day will be! For more fun, games, and savings, check on our coupons and promotions page, or feel free to call us anytime. Dress Up Days are so satisfying, we want to share them with our clients. If your pet comes into Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital wearing a costume reflecting our theme, we’ll give you $5 off your pet’s service. If you both are dressed up, we will give you $10 off your pet’s service!.

We hope to see you on our next Dress Up Day!