Everything But the Kitchen Sink: What to Pack for Your Pet’s Vacation

Pet dog on vacationYou’re going on vacation, and whether your pet will be joining you on a trip away from home or staying at a pet resort, it is just as important to pack all of the essentials for your pet’s vacation as it is for yours.

Follow this checklist to make sure your pet will have everything he or she needs for vacation:

  • Collar and Tags: More than likely, your pet already wears his or her collar on a daily basis, but make sure that it’s on when you leave the house. Make sure that the collar is complete and readable with current ID tags that will help others identify your pet in case he or she gets lost during your vacation. We recommend that you also get your pet microchipped too as tags can fall off or be removed.

  • Leash: If your pet joins you on vacation, you will likely be doing a lot of walking or hiking with her. Likewise, if your pet stays at a pet resort during your absence, the caregivers will take your pet for walks to keep her happy and healthy. And your pet should always be on a leash or in a crate when brought to the kennel.
  • Crate: Your pet’s crate is his or her home away from home while you’re on the road. Not only is it a great way to transport your pet safely, but it will give your four-legged friend a familiar refuge in an unfamiliar environment (not to mention reduce the odds of your pet chewing up your hotel room).
  • Food: It is always to good idea to pack your pet’s own food so that his or her regular diet can be maintained. This is especially true if your pet is on a special, prescribed diet or reacts differently to other pet foods.
  • Treats: Don’t let your pet go unspoiled during your trip. Whether your pet is with you on vacation or at the pet resort, be sure to include treats so that you can either reward him or her for good behavior. A caregiver at the pet resort can use your choice of treats to reward your pet for being the good dog (or cat) that he or she is.
  • Bedding: If your pet has a specific pillow or bed that he or she likes to sleep on, it would be a good idea to pack that as well. This will help to ensure that your pet continues to sleep well during his or her time away from home.
  • Toys: Your pet wants to have fun during vacation just as much as you do, so include some favorite toys in your pet’s vacation bag. A word of caution, though. Leave the absolute favorites at home; you don’t want them to get destroyed, or for your pet to start a turf war over a prized tennis ball.
  • Something from Home: Since your pet has a strong sense of smell, packing a little something from home can make a huge difference in how comfortable he or she feels during vacation. This could mean including a smelly shirt, a used towel, or one of your old shoes. Your pet will miss you, and allowing a little something to sniff and snuggle will keep your pet from getting homesick.
  • Medications, Vitamins, or Dietary Supplements: Your pet’s health is very important, so packing his or her medications, with instructions on dosage and frequency, is an important part of packing for your pet’s vacation.
  • Contact Information and Special Instructions: If your pet isn’t joining you on vacation, make sure to leave all of your contact information, as well as any additional instructions for your pet’s care while you are away.

At Rocklin Ranch, we are happy to work with you to make your pet’s stay with us a success. We have themed master and junior canine suites with window views and a fully fenced outdoor exercise area for leashed walks. Our kitty condos are in a separate area and include cat climbing trees, areas to explore, and options for seclusion.

Please don’t hesitate to call us with your questions or concerns, and remember that you and your pet are welcome to tour our pet resort prior to the big stay. Or to do a one-night stay to prepare you pet for your vacation.

And, if you’re taking your pet on vacation with you, check with us to make sure that your pet’s vaccinations and preventatives are current – and that there are no additional preventatives recommended for the area you are traveling to.