Making Daily Exercise More Fun for Your Pet (and for You!)

A golden retriever on a walk with their ownerWho doesn’t get into a bit of a rut when it comes to exercise (or simply forgo it altogether in favor of that comfy couch!)? Keeping things interesting in the fitness department can take some motivation and imagination, and like you, your pet may also grow bored with the same old routine.

Since exercise is an essential part of overall health for every animal, finding ways to make exercise more fun for your pet is a great way to support his or her wellbeing. To help up your game when it comes to appropriate exercise and activities, the team at Rocklin Ranch have some great boredom busting solutions.

8 Invigorating Ideas to Make Exercise More Fun for Your Pet

  1. Toss the toys (the old ones, that is). If your pet’s toys have seen better days or if he or she was never into them to begin with, why not take your pet shopping for some new toys? Try something like iFetch Frenzy for your dog or a CatFishing 2 game for kitty.
  2. Get in the game. Many pets will be more enthusiastic about a game, toy, or walk when you’re involved. If you’ve just been lazy and expecting your pet to self-entertain, guess again. They need your attention, time, and participation to keep them active and engaged.
  3. Make room for company. Dogs are highly social animals and will get a lot more exercise in the company of another dog (or two or three!). Ask your neighbor if his or her dog can tag along or invite some fellow dog owners over for some backyard tag and chase.
  4. Mix it up. Instead of just going for a walk with your dog, grab a ball and enjoy a quick 15-minute game of fetch before heading home. This is true for indoor cats, too. Rather than just playing chase with the feather stick, opt for a few different kinds of toys or games to keep things from becoming too predictable.
  5. Beat the heat. Summer can make pet exercise ideas a challenge, but not if your canine is water loving! Consider giving your pet swimming lessons and practice together in a shallow pool. You could also consider buying a new oscillating sprinkler or kiddie pool to keep your pet cool and entertained all summer long.
  6. Spoil the family cat. Many cats will get a lot more exercise when they have things in which they can climb, hide, and run across. Try adding some cat trees to your home, as well as cubicles and perches. Keep it on the cheap by simply giving your cat some empty cardboard boxes to play in.
  7. Teach your dog some tricks. If your dog is an avid learner, why not go beyond the basics and teach him or her some more challenging tricks, such as “roll over” and “shake?” You can also train your active dog to run a backyard agility course.
  8. Make a new workout buddy. If your pet wants to spend more time with you (which is a given), don’t forget to include him or her in activities like jogging, walking, swimming, Nerf football, Frisbee, yoga, and many other games!

Keep your pet cool by practicing effective summer pet safety. If you’d like additional ideas, please give us a call!