Fun With April Fools Day Pet Pranks 

Two kittens tilting their heads

April Fools Day can be a lot of fun, and thanks to the Internet there’s no end of ideas for pranks to play on family and friends. At Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital we believe that April 1st isn’t just for people – check out the fun April Fools Day pet pranks we’ve come up with for you to try!

April Fools Day Pet Pranks for Your Pet

Your pet may not understand the sentiment behind April Fools Day, but they do know when their people pay them extra attention. Try some of these fun April Fools Day pet pranks to include your furry family member in the fun.

  • Honey, I shrunk the pet’s things – Take a little time to replace your pet’s belongings with smaller versions overnight. Tiny water bowl? Puppy sized Kong toy? See what your pet’s reaction is. Be careful to make sure any small items are large enough to not be ingested accidentally.
  • Invisible treats – Make like Charlie the Golden’s mom and eat some invisible food in front of your pet. See how long it takes for your pet to decide that you are just nuts and give up. 
  • What the Fluff? – Bring back the What the Fluff Challenge and see how your pet handles your disappearance.
  • Do you hear what I hear – Change your ringtone to the sound of a kitty meowing or other attention-getting sound and watch your pet’s reaction. Alternatively, hide your home assistant device or similar and talk to your pet from somewhere unexpected.

Remember that your pet can’t read the calendar and isn’t privy to the reasons behind your erratic behavior. It’s fine to include them in the fun, but keep it light hearted and stop if your pet seems stressed or overwhelmed.

Pranks for Your Pet to Play on People

Of course your pet can be on the giving end of April Fools Day as well as the receiving. Have your pet prank your family and friends, too!

  • Leftovers anyone? – Stage an impressive kill from your cat near the front door or at the foot of the bed. Think giant rat or snake. Just plant the evidence and sit back!
  • Stunt double – If you’re lucky enough to know someone with a mini or maxi version of your pet, see if you can trade for the day. Switch that toy poodle for a standard or your Miniature Pinscher for a full fledged Doberman. Don’t say a word and see how long it takes people to notice. 
  • Leash laughs – Swap out your dog’s normal leash for a miniature version or an extra long version. Ask a family member to walk the dog, and watch as they decipher what’s happening. Just make sure they don’t head out the door with an unsafe leash!
  • Share a link – Spend some time on social media and see who you can trick into believing some of the best pet related links for the day. In the past we have really enjoyed REI’s Pet Adventures advertisement (kitty glamping anyone?), Warby Parkers line of glasses for dogs, and IKEA’s dog high chair. We can’t wait to see some new ones this year!

April Fools Day pet pranks can take the day to a whole new level. Please enjoy the day and safely include your pets where possible. And as always, don’t forget to share your ideas with us!