Holiday Gifts That Will Knock Your Pet’s Socks Off

A beagle wearing a santa hat in a living roomIf you are like us, you have a long list of people to shop for this holiday season, and a decreasing amount of time to accomplish it all. A trusted ally in the  holiday gift-giving blitz, your pet may keep your holiday surprises from other family members, but where is he or she on your list?

If you haven’t yet thought about what to possibly give your pet or you have trouble making up your mind, Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital would like to offer some ideas to help you knock the socks of your pet this holiday season. Assuming, of course, that your pet wears socks…

New Hang-Outs

One of the most popular holiday gift items for pets is a new place to chill out, nap, groom, or just watch the world go by.

Depending on what kind of pet you have and what their preferences are, chances are you can find (or make) the perfect hang-out for your four-legged friend. Providing a new cat or dog house offers your pet a totally new experience and allows him or her to claim it as their own. There is an impressive (even overwhelming) amount to choose from in order to match the style of your home’s decor.

You might also consider a…

  • Wall or window perch
  • Pet tunnel
  • Pet bed
  • Personalized blanket

A Piece of Cake

Giving your pet a holiday gift doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Although pets are creatures of habit and routine, the novelty of eating or drinking out of a new vessel is second to none.

Pets generally approve of water fountains that circulate and filter drinking water, but your pet may just as heartily enjoy a simple new water bowl. Personalizing a new food bowl is a great gift as well as a platform that raises the dishes off the floor.

Threads & Toys

Pets require play time for maximum overall health and providing new toys can add to your pet’s well being. If your pet likes to jump, chase, chew, tug, pounce, or bat, there are scads of toys that encourage and cultivate your pet’s unique interests. Also, to combat the dangerous combination of hunger and boredom, food puzzles are a great addition to any pet left home alone.

Once you’ve chosen just the perfect catnip mouse or rope chew toy, check out all the adorable (and highly useful) clothes for your pet. Rain slickers, booties, and hip pet hoodies are merely the tip of the iceberg when shopping for new threads that your pet will love and look super cute in.

So Fancy!

Your pet may enjoy the gift of grooming. In addition to a new brush or comb, you might consider special pet shampoo, conditioner, or even pet perfume to really make your pet feel – and smell – very special. A trip to see a groomer may also be a lovely gift for your pet.

For simple grooming pleasures, we can give your pet a bath, simple ear cleaning, anal glands expression and a pedicure. We can even offer Lion Cuts for cats, usually under some form of sedation to keep kitty calm and patient.

Your feline friend might also appreciate a new and improved litter box situation. From self-cleaning options to hideaway boxes inside furniture pieces, your kitty deserves to have a nice, clean bathroom.

Snowy Smile

Healthy teeth are a gift that will give back to your pet’s overall health. Pick up stocking stuffers to keep your pet’s smile bright and healthy all year.

  • C.E.T. HEXtra Chews (Premium Oral Hygiene Chews for dogs sizes petite to extra large)
  • C.E.T. AquaDent (Drinking Water Additive for Dogs and Cats)
  • C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kits for Dogs and Cats (includes toothbrush and tooth
  • paste)

On The Ball

Finding the right present is never easy but, hopefully, our ideas get you going on the right track. Before you give your pet a present, make sure it is free of tags, string, or anything else that could endanger him or her. As always, your friends at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital are here for your pet and wish your family a safe and happy holiday!