How to Improve Your Pet’s Health in the New Year

Family walking dog

You take super good care of your pets, anticipate their every need, and yet, you have a nagging sensation that you could be doing something better. Perhaps it’s because they give so much to you and your family, it seems like you’ll always come up short in repayment. Don’t worry. There are always little things that pet owners can do that have a big impact on their pet’s well-being. If you want to improve your pet’s health in the new year, we’ve got you covered. 

You Make Me So Happy!

Your pet delivers love, affection, and devotion without any conditions. As a result, it’s only natural that we feel compelled to give back to them all the good feelings they freely offer us. Sometimes the best ways to improve your pet’s health are quite simple. 

Staring Contest

Give them about 20 minutes of your undivided attention every day, (and more if you can). If you struggle with time management, put “kitty time” or “doggy time” in your calendar and set reminders. They truly benefit from one-on-one attention, and love every minute together. Without any distractions, talk to your pet or play a fun game together. 

We also recommend carefully and slowly grooming them, brushing their teeth, or trimming their nails. Whatever choice you make, your pet will feel the love and commitment to their health. 

Fresh Air, Fresh Start

One of the easiest ways to improve your pet’s health is encouraging more outside time. Indoor-only cats don’t have to feel left out with this suggestion! Create an inviting catio structure for them that safely contains them, yet provides mental and physical stimulation. 

Anytime you start to notice that your pet opts for more couch time or lacks an interest in sustained play, they could benefit from a change of scenery. Take them for a nice drive, find a safe place to walk on-leash, and soak up some sunshine and fresh air. Escaping the humdrum is a wonderful way to treat your pet and show them how much you care.

Great Wide Open

Some pets absolutely love to travel, but don’t often get the chance. Improve your pet’s health by taking them somewhere new and exciting. We’re talking a big step up from a walk in a different park. Choose a destination that is close enough (unless you think your pet can handle a long plane trip) but different from their normal surroundings. There are excellent pet-friendly accommodations and activities that focus on your pet’s happiness. A positive experience traveling can set the bar for future trips that improve your pet’s health. 

Be sure your pet is healthy enough for the trip and closely follow all safety guidelines for traveling and at your destination. 

When You’re Not Together

Many pets suffer from separation anxiety or stress related to solitude. You can bolster their sense of self-confidence by providing them with food puzzles or treat dispensers that require time, patience, and persistence to open. There are also automatic fetch toys (with cameras) that can keep your active dog happy until you return. 

Improve Your Pet’s Health

The new year is the perfect time to address any changes you’d like to make at home. If you need further assistance to improve your pet’s health, your friends at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital are always here for you. Please call us at (916) 624-PETS (7387).