The Human Animal Bond: The Many Ways Pets Influence Our Health

human animal bondPet owners almost unanimously view pets as members of the family. With the rich emotional support we receive from them, it’s no surprise we integrate them into most facets of our busy lives. The beneficial relationship between owners and their pets may seem like a novelty, but the human animal bond has existed for ages. Yes, we go to great lengths to ensure their health, happiness, and comfort (even at the expense of our own sometimes), but it’s incorrect to assume we get nothing in return.

It’s Mutual!

A well known fact among people who care and love for a pet is that pets add a sense of calm, security, and unconditional love to any home. The idea of taking care of someone other than ourselves just feels good, and it leads us to take better care of our own bodies and minds.

A Word About Unconditional Love

Coming home to a happy pet is one of life’s greatest joys. Long, exhausting days make us all want to roll into a ball under the covers, but when a loving, supportive pet greets us with unabashed enthusiasm, it makes everything less stressful. Certainly, with pets, life is not only good, it’s worth living.

They’ve Trained Us

Sure, it can be argued that pets exhibit devotion to their humans simply because we regularly supply them with food and cater to their bathroom needs. Is this confused with real love? But considering your pet’s constant affection (not to mention their uncanny ability to sense your mood and make you laugh), it’s pretty obvious that their heart is full of love.

Super Sensors

Observe your pet closely when you’re upset or bothered by something. Amazingly, animals are highly aware of any mood changes and seemingly try to adapt to dynamic shifts or simply stand by until summoned. They quietly support the people they love, waiting to be let in. After a few moments stroking your pet or cuddling together, we bet you’ll feel 100% better than you were before.

Take Good Care

Stress manifests in different ways, and every person is unique. That being said, the pets we’re lucky to share our lives with are quick to tune into any possible ways we can find a solution. For dog owners, a brisk walk goes a long way toward mitigating the harsh demands of modern life.

Cats, on the other hand, can coax any negative thought away with sincere purring, kneading, and communicating affection. They can soothe us, make us feel grounded, and raise awareness of our problem-solving skills.

The Human Animal Bond Makes it All Better

When we take good care of our animals, we’re taking better care of ourselves. For instance, when we pet-proof our homes, we’re taking steps to prevent a pet emergency (and keeping the house tidy as well!). When we have things in order, we’re mentally more prepared to take on life’s challenges with aplomb. Thanks, pets!

Self care is, by and large, very easy to ignore. With so many distractions, we can rest assured that our pets are saying to us, in their own ways, that everything is going to be okay. They love us unconditionally, and we’ll definitely return the favor.

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