Love Birds: Should You Adopt a Pet with Your Significant Other

Adopted dog in Rocklin, CA

Love is in the air and the idea of adopting a new fur friend to love makes sense when you and your partner adore pets. It’s the perfect way to add more fun to the mix, as well as shared responsibility. But there are some caveats to consider when you adopt a pet with your significant other.

The team at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital is here to help you determine the right time to make this commitment. Here are some tips on knowing how and when to make this wonderful yet carefully thought out decision.

5 Things to Consider Before You Get a Pet Together

Choosing to adopt a pet as a couple is a major harolding of a strong relationship. Whether you are dating or engaged, this is a way to show how much mutual support, care, and love exist for pet ownership. There are some critical things to consider, though, before taking the plunge.

  1. Do you have any major life commitments coming up? If you want to adopt a pet together, but are about to get married, change residence, move in together, or any other big change, it is best to plan for a time where life is relatively stable and you are both comfortable in your current routine. Adding a pet is a major change and being in the midst of other changes can make for a less successful adoption.
  2. Are your living spaces suitable for a pet? Adopting a guinea pig obviously does not require a big amount of space, but if you plan to bring a larger mammal into the home, consider your living arrangements. If you rent, make sure your place is pet approved. What about your partner’s place, if the two of you live separately? Have you discussed when the pet will be at your home or your partner’s place?
  3. Can you afford it together? Make a plan for how to split the costs between the two of you. Remember that pets, while more important than monetary value, do require financial consideration. Veterinary care, food, treats, daily living expenses, etc., can add up. 
  4. Do you have a custody plan? No one wants to talk about breaking up, but when it comes to sharing life with a pet it’s a necessary discussion to have. You may need to consult a lawyer to determine how best to make legally binding agreements about who gets custody or how shared custody will work.
  5. Do you have the time? Between daily exercise, play, attention, snuggles, and general care, pets take up a lot of time. Make sure you set up a daily pet chores schedule that you both agree to. 

Adjusting to the Change 

Adopted pets often come with behavioral issues, such as lack of potty training and destructive behaviors like chewing. Discuss with your partner how to handle these conditions and make a plan to avoid frustration. Remember that all of the planning can make for a more successful adoption, and will ensure your pet stays happy and healthy as the two of you provide all of the love and care they require.

What to Consider When You Adopt a Pet with Your Significant Other

If you would like additional help on determining the timing and what to consider when adopting a pet with your significant other, please contact us. We can guide you through the process and even make recommendations on what to prep for and the pet that is most suitable for the two of you. 

We look forward to meeting your furry loved one!