How to Make Pet Boarding Easier, Safer, and Enjoyable

A cat laying on a table playing with a toyMost first-timer’s consider pet boarding with some level of trepidation. This is understandable; it’s often a difficult decision to make when you and your pet usually go everywhere together.

However, there are steps you can take to feel empowered when selecting a pet boarding facility. You may even find that your pet is not only comfortable with the experience, but also enjoys it!

7 Tips to Make Pet Boarding a Breeze

Although it may be tempting to procrastinate, the earlier you start looking at pet boarding options, the better equipped you will be to make a good decision. The team at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital recommend these 7 essential tips to find the right kennel for your four-legged companion.

  1. Ask for references. One of the best ways to get a sense of how a facility treats its clients is by phoning references. Be prepared with a list of questions about your concerns and what you would like from a pet boarding facility.
  2. Take the tour. Any credible facility will welcome you for an initial tour and answer any questions you have about what to expect while your pet is in their care. Things to note include peculiar odors, noise levels, cleanliness, temperature, friendly staff, sleeping quarters, and access to exercise areas.
  3. Ensure your pet’s health. Most reputable boarding facilities require core vaccines, including bordetella (kennel cough). However, the risk of exposure to parasites and illness increases whenever there are several pets in close quarters. To better protect your companion, schedule a consultation or wellness exam with your veterinarian. We can recommend the best vaccine and preventive program customized to the needs of your fur friend.
  4. Experiment with an overnight stay. If your pet has never been away from you before, it may be wise to get a sense of how he or she will respond by spending a night apart. You can choose a kennel, fellow pet owner, or trusted family member to gauge whether there’s any separation anxiety or behavioral challenges.
  5. Know your communication needs. If you’re a pet parent who wants several updates on little Max, you may want to choose a pet boarding facility that offers frequent updates, text messages, or emails.
  6. Be prepared. Chances are, your four-legged pal will experience some anxiety when being boarded. To ease the transition, pack some familiar items from home. Bring your pet’s regular food, treats, bedding, a few toys, and an item that smells like you, such as an old sweater. These comfort items can go a long way to making him or her feel safe in a new place.
  7. Know your pet’s medical and health needs. If your pet has experienced or is dealing with a health issue, please choose a pet boarding facility such as ours. Most kennels do not hire vet techs or veterinarians and are not equipped to deal with complex medical conditions. At Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital, we have medical staff overseeing your pet’s stay who can can ensure a safe, comfortable environment.

Please contact us for more information about pet boarding and tips for a great experience.