Canine Coworkers: Modern Jobs for Working Dogs

The "Working Dogs" breed need to stay busy to not engage in bad pet behaviors

Most of us don’t think of our dogs as “workers,” but in reality dogs have toiled alongside humans for thousands of years. Indeed, our society would be quite different were it not for the tireless devotion of our canine companions.

In today’s world, dogs are relied upon regularly to perform important and even life-saving tasks for humans on a daily basis. Keep reading to learn more about some of these exciting, modern jobs for working dogs.

Jobs for Working Dogs

There’s no shortage of jobs for working dogs in today’s world. Check out some of the ways in which these animals enrich and protect human lives:

  • Service – Service dogs live with and perform essential duties for adults and children with disabilities, enabling them to live safely and independently. A service dog may be trained for anything from assisting someone with a sensory impairment to detecting important medical events for their handler.  
  • Detection – There’s no doubt that dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell. Military and law enforcement canines are used to detect everything from narcotics and explosives to smuggled cash and illegally imported agriculture products.
  • Search and rescue – Dogs trained in search and rescue are regularly employed to look for missing people, such as victims of natural disasters or terrorist attacks. They may be part of an official unit, such as a police or military force, or be members of a volunteer search and rescue organization.
  • Therapy – Dogs are such a comfort to humans, it only makes sense that those with the right disposition can be trained specifically to provide support during times of trauma or distress.
  • Hunting and herding – Hunting and herding are excellent jobs for dogs who have been bred to do so. Many sheep and cattle ranches rely on herding dogs to move and protect their livestock, and hunters across the country join forces with their loyal canines every year for their valuable assistance.

Born for This

Even if your dog doesn’t seem to be doing any work beyond their daily routine, rest assured there’s still some serious activity going on behind the scenes:

  • Does your dog constantly sniff the perimeter of your property? They’re using their nose to gather information.
  • A dog who loves a game of fetch was born to retrieve, one of the most ancient jobs for dogs.
  • Barking at the mail carrier or UPS driver is a sign that you have a natural guard dog on your hands.
  • Playing a lot of tug-of-war with your dog? This is a sign that your pooch loves to pull, an important job of canines throughout history.

Even if your dog’s most intense job is being your snuggle buddy on the couch or making you laugh after a long day at work, they’re still performing one of the most important jobs of all – being there for you!

If you have any questions or concerns about your hard-working dog, please don’t hesitate to contact the staff at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital.