Need a Little Pick-Me-Up? We’ve Got Some Fun Cat Facts to Make You Smile

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When Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, the famous “father” of the World Wide Web, was asked for an example of widespread use of the internet he never imagined, he said “Kittens”. 

There’s no doubt that people love domestic felines, but online cat videos are absolutely captivating perhaps because they remind of us of the human condition. In fact, research shows that people feel better about life after watching funny cat videos, and are more likely to post a picture or video of a cat than a selfie. 

These and many other fun cat facts listed below are convincing evidence that cats are simply amazing.

International Cat Sharing System

Despite the fact that cats spend about 70% of their lives asleep, they completely dominate the online world. People around the world have so limitless tools and information at our collective fingertips, and yet, we are unceasingly drawn in by amusing feline antics

The Chicken or the Egg?

This could be explained by the fact that many coders, hackers, and self-proclaimed geeks work at night, a time when many cats are active. In other words, these night owls are controlling content at night, and office dwellers deprived of a natural, wild workplace, consume cat content all day long. 

That Dazzling Personality

A widely popular idea that cats domesticated themselves over millennia holds up pretty well when you think about how it occurred. The earliest farmers attracted rodents to grain storage, which in turn, brought cats to settlements. These early house cats trained these ancient people to accept them as they were (perfect predators), instead of being trained for certain jobs, like dogs.

The Cat’s Meow

There are so many incredible cat facts out there, including the many ways they communicate. For example, cats don’t meow to each other once they are grown. Kittens signal to their mother by meowing, but otherwise, cats communicate strictly with body language in adulthood (mostly to convey territorial borders). 

So, when your cat meows at you, they definitely want something like a cuddle, snack, to be let outside, or some play time. This is part of why cats are so beneficial to human health, too! 

Additionally, cats purr to soothe themselves. We are often rewarded by this vibration when snuggling together or when petting them. It’s gratifying to make cats feel good, and purring is the natural consequence to our affection and attention. When they’re sick or injured, the frequency of a purr (between 25-150 Hertz) can heal bones and muscles, and ease pain. 

Other Amazing Cat Facts 

Cats can get into amusing predicaments when they try to jump 6 times their body’s length. They are adept at making these giant leaps (up to 8 feet!), but sometimes they crash, inspiring millions of likes and shares online. And cats, being entirely comfortable in their skin, inspire us to succumb to life’s awkward moments instead of masking them.

Brain Games

A cat’s cerebral cortex has 300 million neurons (contrasted with canines’ 160 millions). Their powerful brain manages incredible signals from the super-strong senses. Their sense of smell is about 14 times better that ours! Plus, with their ability to rotate the ears 180-degrees (with over 30 muscles to assist), their hearing is incomparable.

We Love Cats!

If you love fun cat facts as much as we do, you’ll never run out of ways to be fully entertained. As always, if you have any questions about feline health or behavior, we’re always here for you at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital.

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