Pet Adoption: Think Shelters First

Happiest DogApril 30 was National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. Of course, at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital, we believe that every day should be Adopt a Shelter Pet Day for those looking to give a pet their forever family.

Pet adoption should not be taken lightly. Being a pet parent is a lot of responsibility, and should only be entered into by those who are able to make a lifelong commitment to the pet they adopt. But once the decision has been made, we feel that finding your new family member at a local shelter or rescue agency is the way to go.

Give Me Shelter

Every year, some 8 million pets enter animal shelters across the United States. What’s worse, is that many of these pets never make it out. The reality can be impossibly hard to think about; but it’s true. And sadly, most pets that end up in shelters for reasons that are beyond their control, such as:

  • An un-microchipped family pet could have strayed too far from home and wound up at a shelter after their family had given up hope and stopped looking.
  • A cat could have had litter box issues that were caused by a medical condition that their owner didn’t bother to investigate.
  • A dog may have had some quirky behaviors that were easily correctable had the owner been willing to try training.
  • A family may have fallen on hard times and had to choose between feeding their child and feeding their pet.
  • Or, heartbreakingly, the pet may have just gotten old, and the owner wanted a shiny new pet with fewer issues.

Every shelter pet has a story, and you have the potential to be their happily ever after.

Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Pet

By adopting a shelter pet rather than a pet purchased at a pet store, you’re not only saving the life of an animal in need, but you’re also taking a stand against the often unethical and inhumane practices of the puppy mill trade.

Puppy mills, and even pet stores, are a grim reality. These breeding farms often keep female dogs in unsanitary conditions while they are chained to male dogs for weeks on end to force maximum reproduction. As the financial bottom line is the usually the main concern for these businesses, health, safety, and sanitation are low on the priority list. That ultimately affects the overall health and wellness of the puppies produced on these farms.

This practice is abhorrent, especially to those who are concerned about the welfare of all animals. By not buying your new pet from a pet store, you’re not feeding the demand for puppy mill puppies (and kittens), nor are you rewarding their unethical business practices.

Support Your Local Shelter!

At Rocklin Ranch, we have partnered with Rocklin Animal Facility to help area pets in need find their new forever families. Our team will work with you to find the ideal pet for your family dynamic and lifestyle, and then work to match you with the perfect pet from those available at the Rocklin Animal Facility.

If you have any questions about pet adoption, we are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions or concerns, and please consider using our pet-finder services when you are ready to adopt your next pet.