Countdown To Spooksville: The Best In Pet Halloween Costumes And Safety

pet halloween costumesIs dressing up your dog, cat, guinea pig, parakeet, snake, or bearded dragon lizard in a Halloween costume a cherished holiday tradition for your family? After all, what could be cuter than a dachshund in a hot dog costume, a kitty in fairy wings, or a snake wearing a cute little hat?

If finding the perfect costume for your furry bundle of joy is part of your Halloween plan, look no further. Your friends at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital have come up with a list of our favorite pet Halloween costumes, along with some safety tips, of course!

Safety First

As cute as it is to see pets wearing costumes, it’s important to keep in mind that their safety and comfort is the top priority. Before you load up your Amazon cart or head down to the nearest craft store, keep these tips in mind:

  • Your pet should be able to move about freely in his or her costume. He or she should not have trouble sitting or lying down, or getting up from a down position.
  • A costume should never restrict a pet’s ability to breathe, drink, eat, or vocalize. If part of the costume must go around the neck, make sure it doesn’t restrict breathing or pose a strangulation risk.
  • Remove any small or dangling pieces that could be chewed off and potentially choked on.
  • Never leave your pet unsupervised while wearing a costume.
  • Trying your pet’s costume on several times in the days leading up to Halloween not only gives you a chance to work out the kinks, it also allows your pet time to acclimate.

Pawesome Pet Halloween Costumes

Whether you want your pet’s costume to be unique and stand out, or you prefer that he or she wear what all the cool kids are wearing, our list of fun and creative costumes has got you covered:

  • Traditional – You can’t go wrong with a traditional costume such as a pumpkin, bat, witch, or vampire.
  • DIY – The exploding popularity of all things DIY has extended into the world of pet Halloween costumes. Crafting websites like Pinterest are practically bursting with adorable ideas to fit all budgets and skill sets.
  • Hollywood – Celebrities or movie characters are always fun choices for pet costumes, or be a trendsetter by choosing a costume from a 2018 movie, such as the next Jurassic Park or Star Wars flick.
  • Mascot – Honoring your alma mater or favorite sports team has never been cuter! Check out these DIY mascot ideas, or dress your pet in a team-color t-shirt or bandana.

Less Is More

Some pets simply aren’t comfortable wearing costumes, and that’s ok! Never forgo your pet’s comfort and security for any costume, no matter how cute it is (or how much it cost). A Halloween themed bandanna around the collar is festive and fun, and won’t bother most pets.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions about pet Halloween costumes. If you decide to dress up your pet this year, we hope you’ll come by to show him or her off!