Why Pet Yoga is a Fast-Growing Trend

pet yogaThere have been sizable changes in the world of pet ownership over the years. Now you can choose between competing companies for pet insurance, shop around for fancy hotels where you can stay with your pet on vacation, and peruse seemingly endless rows of pet food, treats, and toys. There’s probably never been a better time to be a pet than right now. It might also be time to embrace the trend of pet yoga, as countless studios and practitioners worldwide have began making the opportunity more available.

No Longer on the Fringe

Pet owners who practice yoga at home can probably attest to the fact that their pets can’t keep off the mat. Whether they like to distract you or simply lay down next to you while you flow, animals are drawn to the peaceful, relaxing qualities of yoga just like us. In fact, numerous poses, or asanas, are inspired by animals, such as crane, pigeon, cat, cow, dog, crow, horse, lion, monkey, and tortoise.

On the Farm

There are opportunities to practice yoga alongside free-roaming goats. If you’re a risk-taker, you might try flowing while on the back of a stationary horse (similar to yoga on a stand-up paddle board).

Another pet yoga trend involves inviting adoptable kittens to play, snooze, or observe ongoing yoga classes. Not only a source of joy for the yogis and yoginis, these kittens typically find their way to a forever home through this venue. Win-win!

Quality Time

Many people leave the house to exercise, only to return home to walk the dog or play with the cat. With pet yoga, you can integrate these necessities into one streamlined activity. Now, your quality time with your four-legged best friend can center on, well, getting centered, aligning, and gaining insight into the present moment (just what your pet is already good at!).

A Few Tips

In pet yoga, animals are held during poses for weight resistance or employed as partners to their human counterpart. Integral to shaping the human-animal bond, decreasing anxiety and stress, and controlling impulse control, pet yoga is also fun and entertaining to do with fellow animal lovers.

Considering Pet Yoga

Like other worthwhile physical activities, yoga helps you develop strength, flexibility, awareness, and mindfulness. Not only is pet yoga great for preventing health problems, it can also minimize symptoms related to heart problems. A perfect companion to routine walking, running, and playing together, pet yoga is a new trend worth considering.

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