Potty Pants: Does Your Pet Need Dog Diapers? 

A white dog wearing a pet diaper

When your pet is prone to accidents, it can be a challenge for both you and your little one. Cleaning up pee and feces on the daily is not something most of us would be happy about, which is why diapers seem like the right choice. There are some great reasons why dog diapers can be useful for pet parents who are experiencing the challenges of poor potty skills. 

The team at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital takes a look at dog diapers and their uses, and why they may, or may not, be good for your fur friend.

What Is a Dog Diaper?

Like you might expect, a dog diaper is a wearable cover for your pet’s hind quarters that absorbs urine and excrement. They are usually made of plastic with a cotton or other absorbable lining. There are two types of diapers, one for females and the other for males. The male diapers have a higher waistband or belly band. Female diapers look more like a baby’s diapers, with full coverage around the hind end. 

Diapers are available in varying sizes, from toy breeds to giant breeds. Some styles do have a reusable liner that is more eco-friendly, and is more cost-effective in the long run than disposable diapers.

Does My Dog Need Diapers?

There are several reasons why a pet might need diapers. Some pets will have a better quality of life through the use of dog diapers, as will their owners. Sometimes, too, diapers can impede the goal of effectively potty training a dog. Let’s take a  closer look at the reasons why.

  1. Your pet is elderly – When a pet is up there in age, they may not always been able to “hold it”. These times can be uncertain, and through the use of a diaper, you won’t have quite so many accidents to clean up. Some pets who are seniors experience cognitive problems, making them less aware of when they have to relieve themselves. For others, they may become incontenent over time due to age or illness, or mobility issues.

  2. Your pet is incontenent – Incontinence is a medical term when your pet cannot hold their bladder or bowel. This can occur over time, when the muscles become weak with age, or it could be due to an illness or health condition. Dogs with untreated diabetes will sometimes become incontenent. Urinary tract infections are more likely to occur in females and can cause incontinence also.

  3. Orthopedic injury or arthritis – Dogs who have hip dysplasia, arthritis, or other joint conditions can have problems squatting to relieve themselves. They may have limited  mobility and flexibility in the joints without experiencing pain, therefore are more likely to have accidents.

  4. Recent injury or surgery – If your pet has had a  surgery recently, they will be unable to move as much and have a harder time with their usual routine. If they are required to be inmobile or rested, a pet diaper can be useful. 

Potty Problems

Sometimes pet owners will want to use diapers as a remedy for lack of potty training. There are some problems with this. It doesn’t give your pet the opportunity to learn a life skill that is required for good housetraining. If your pet is having a problem with their potty training, the best approach is to seek professional dog training classes for them. 

If your pet is having more accidents than normal, and they have already been trained, call us for an appointment. Incontinence is often a result of illness or injury. 

For more information on dog diapers and your pet, or to schedule an appointment, please call us! We’re here to help.