Preparing For A Rewarding Pet Boarding Experience

A golden retriever sniffing the cameraWe know that, in a perfect world, your pet would accompany you everywhere – to work, the doctor’s office, salon, grocery store, and especially on vacation. But traveling with pets can be challenging, requiring a different set of safety precautions that perhaps you’d rather not deal with this time around.

Where does that leave your pet as you begin to make your travel arrangements? With us, of course! Rocklin Ranch is proud to offer pet boarding, and hope the following information helps you.

Rest Assured

It’s hard to accept that wherever you are going – to that corporate retreat your boss scheduled for you, or the spa package you so desperately need – your pet may not be welcome. Still, it can be very difficult to part ways, even for a little while. Rest assured, our pet boarding staff members are highly skilled in making pets feel at home, offering love, compassion, and attention throughout the day.

Plus, pets even get to make new friends with other pets!

How To Prepare

You have a lot to do – for your own trip and your pet’s. Make it easier on yourself with the following pet boarding tips:

  • Visit us for a wellness check about a month in advance. We can update all the required vaccinations for pet boarding clearance (rabies, DHPP, and bordetella for dogs; FVRCP and rabies for cats), begin parasite prevention (if not completed already), and try to answer any of your questions or concerns.
  • Should your pet require medication while you are away, we can go over the prescription, and ensure the correct doses will be at hand during his or her stay.
  • Pack your pet’s food and label the portion size so he or she can continue with your meal routine.
  • Items that may comfort your pet include toys, treats, or bedding from home. Many pet owners leave behind a personal shirt or pillowcase.

It’s All In The Details

We take pet boarding very seriously, and aim to honor the confidence you have in us by providing top-notch care for your pet.

  • Dogs are walked three times a day and can play in our fully fenced, grassy outdoor yard. You can choose between our 30 stainless steel kennels, runs, or Junior or Master suites (see varying price levels). Booking in advance ensures that your pet gets the right space for him or her.
  • Cats remain separated from our canine guests and have kitty condos to play, explore, and hide in.

Healthy and Safe Pet Boarding

One of the best parts about boarding your pet with us, is the availability of and access to qualified technicians and veterinarians on-site. Your pet will be closely supervised during our office hours (Monday-Friday 7:30am-10:00pm, Saturday 8:00am-4:00pm, and Sunday 9:00am-5:00pm) and if any health issues are suspected, your pet will be examined and treated, if necessary.

The Big Day

You may consider short introductory visits to our boarding facility prior to your departure (and your pet’s stay) to give your pet a sense of our boarding environment. Hopefully, he or she will adopt the space as a positive or neutral space.

The day you drop your pet off can be fraught with stress and emotion. Make sure that you:

  • Offer less food, as stressed pets can suffer from indigestion
  • Try not to appear fearful or anxious; your pet will pick up on this and react in kind
  • Exercise your pet before you drop him or her off to shed some energy and help you both relax
  • Leave quickly; lingering too long may confuse your pet, and upset you further

Home Sweet Home

There’s nothing like coming to pick up your best pal after a pet boarding experience. Your pet’s adrenaline may spike, so be sure to have plenty of fresh water on hand, and give them all the love you’ve both been missing. At times, it can take a couple of days to settle back into the old routine; please be sure to call us with any questions or concerns.

May Special

Be sure to take advantage of our May boarding special for both new and existing boarding clients. Check out our website for promo codes and details on how you can get one free night.

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