Protect Your Pet From Mosquito Bites

mosquito silhouette on concrete textured surfaceFor most folks, summer is full of sunshine, laughter, and good times. For pet owners, it’s a maddening season of pests, pests, and more pests. While we advocate for year round parasite prevention, these hot, bug-filled months require special attention.

While it may be relatively easy to combat ticks and fleas, it can be more challenging to protect your pet from mosquito bites. However, with our tips and tricks, you can get back to enjoying the warm, sunny days that remain.

The Trouble With Parasites

Mosquitoes are irritating, and their bites can keep us scratching for days. What’s worse, these annoying parasites can spread harmful diseases. While they can transmit West Nile virus and malaria to humans, they can infect our pets with deadly heartworm disease.

How You Can Protect Your Pet From Mosquito Bites

Is it realistic to keep your pet indoors all summer long? Probably not. Even if your pet doesn’t venture outside, mosquitoes can enter your home through holes in window screens or open doors. Besides patching up any gaps and replacing torn screens, how else do you plan to protect your pet from mosquito bites? We offer the following tips:

  • Use products that are only intended for pets. Ask us about effective, animal-friendly insect repellents.
  • Stay inside during peak mosquito hours, and be aware of mosquitoes during walks at dawn or dusk.
  • Mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water, so be sure to eliminate any standing water on your property. This includes the puddle under your air conditioner, water trays beneath plants, and rain gutters clogged with wet leaves. Empty and replenish any water dishes for your pet on a daily basis.
  • Since birds and bats feast on mosquitoes, consider installing bird houses and bat boxes on your property.

Other Tips

Other proactive measures include purchasing one or two mosquito-deterring products. Remember, sprays intended for human use can be toxic for pets, especially ones containing DEET. If you do use a mosquito repellent, don’t allow your pet to be near when you apply it. Never let your pet lick your skin afterwards.  

We can help help you find the right product for your pet that is just for his or her use. Keep in mind, some items that are great for dogs can be dangerous to cats. However, there are a variety of sprays and wipes that are feline-safe.

Have Fun and be Safe

Mosquitoes and other pests shouldn’t cramp your summer style. That’s why understanding how to protect your pet from mosquito bites is critical. Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital is always happy to answer your questions and to provide other suggestions about parasite prevention.