Quality Time Alert! Making Time for Your Pet During the Holidays

A brown and grey cat by a lily plantDecember is usually filled with exciting and meaningful activities, all with the intent of fostering goodwill among our fellow neighbors and friends. Few can argue with the intrinsic joy found during these busy weeks, but calendars are also brimming with parties, concerts, and more.

In the midst of all the chaos, do you ever feel like you need to recharge? Your pet is only too happy to oblige you, and with our guide to spending quality time together, you can easily make time for your pet during the holidays.

The Best Gift of All

Your four-legged friend may be acting quite differently these days, and it could have a lot to do with the holidays. When your pet’s routine is disrupted, you may see changes in behavior that range from very subtle to super obvious. Remaining in tune with your pet and watching for any red flags will help maintain that precious inner balance that is so important to your pet – and to your whole household.

Your Pet During the Holidays

Carving out time for your pet during the holidays might be challenging, but consider the following ideas:

  • Get outside – This option tops our list because exercise is great year round, but even more so when stress levels are high. We recommend checking the weather report, gearing up accordingly, and hitting any one of the area’s fine hiking trails.
  • Road trip – You may already have travel plans for the holidays, but if not, take a drive with your furry best pal. Don’t forget his or her crate and be prepared for chill of winter.
  • Movie night – There’s no shortage of films featuring felines and canines, so go to your happy place by settling down with your pet for a movie marathon. If you want to keep the holiday mood strong, check out this collection of holiday dog movies.
  • Shopping – Pet lovers delight in sharing shopping experiences with well-behaved pets. Need some pet gift ideas? Visit a pet store together to pick out a gift or browse an outdoor shopping mall for a nice day together.
  • Visiting hours – You know how your pet just makes you feel good? Consider introducing him or her to someone who could also benefit from some additional love and attention. Check your local nursing homes or hospitals to learn more about visiting pets and required protocol.

The Most Wonderful Time of Year

You may have other ideas for your pet during the holidays, and we applaud your intuition and creativity. You know your pet better than anyone, and providing things he or she appreciates will only strengthen your bond.

Your pet’s wellness is our top priority. Please contact us with any questions or concerns, and above all, have a happy and joyful holiday season!