Reasons Why Regular Vet Visits Are Essential for Your Pet’s Health

Cat at veterinarian.

Humans have an average global lifespan of 70 to 75 years, but our pets pack their life into a much shorter time. It might be no big deal for you to miss a yearly doctor’s appointment. But for your pet, missing a yearly visit to the vet is like us forgoing a checkup for five years. Yikes! 

The Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital team shares the top reasons why vet visits are important for your furry friend. 

Why Your Pet Shouldn’t Miss Vet Visits

1. Preventive Care Saves Heartache, Time, and Money Down the Road

Veterinarians like to see pets at least once a year for regular wellness and preventive appointments. These checkups usually include regular nose-to-tail exams, dental checks, vaccine boosters, and parasite screenings. 

Your veterinarian will be looking for signs of common pet health problems like arthritis, obesity, and dental disease. With early detection, many of these issues can be treated or managed before they get too serious. 

2. Your Vet Can Help with Behavior Concerns, Too!

Veterinarians don’t just pay attention to your pup or kitty’s physical health. They help with your pet’s mental and behavioral health, too. If your dog or cat is acting aggressively, running away from the house, or scratching everything in sight, your veterinarian can help you work towards a solution. Instead of feeling like you’re walking the rocky road of behavior issues alone, you’ll have a trusted guide at your side.  

3. Nutrition and Weight Management

With advertisements for grain-free, legume-free, raw-meat diets on the rise, it can be hard to sort through opinions and get to the facts about pet nutrition. Your veterinarian is your number-one source of information for what food your pet should eat. 

And if your dog or cat struggles with weight gain, a veterinary team can put together a weight management plan for your pet. Obesity can lead to arthritis, heart disease, respiratory distress, high blood pressure, and other serious concerns. 

4. Aging Pets Need Extra TLC

Our furry friends reach their senior years a whole lot faster than we do. Veterinarians provide essential senior pet care to help make your pet’s golden years as happy and healthy as can be. Even in their later years, pets can benefit from early intervention if they’re showing signs of heart disease or arthritis. 

At Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital, our veterinary team provides all the veterinary essentials your pet needs. Contact us today to learn more about what services we offer for our furry friends!