Sharing the Love of the Season: Holiday Pet Food Drives and Fundraisers

A cat sitting amongst decorations

When we think of the season, gratitude is a word that comes to mind. We are grateful for all of the things we have and the love we have in our lives. Our lives, as well as our pets’ lives, are full. We have shelter, food, warmth, and all of the things to make a happy, contented life. But for shelter and rescue pets, this may not be their story.

Animal charities rely on area pet owners to help cover the basics of pet care and to raise money for much needed pet services. They rely on volunteers with a big heart like you to give neglected pets a chance at a new life. The team at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital want to spotlight the need for holiday pet food drives and other charitable ways to help homeless pets.

Gearing Up for a Holiday Pet Food Drive

If you have decided to make a difference for a deserving animal shelter, a pet food drive is a great choice. Get the word out by posting on social media, talking to your friends and neighbors, and getting those interested together to plan your drive. Here are some things to consider.

  1. Contact the shelter or rescue and let them know what you are doing. They may ask that you focus the need on food only, or open it up to food, treats, toys, and other pet supplies.
  2. Design a campaign by creating posters, flyers, and other collateral to post around the neighborhoods. Be specific about what you need, where to drop the items off, and when they will be delivered. 
  3. Announce the drive online on your Facebook and other social media, as well as on community and animal sites that can help get the word out.
  4. When you drop off all of the great food and other goodies, take lots of photos of everyone delivering the gifts, the pets who are receiving them, and all of the awesome volunteers who help keep the shelters going. This inspiration will help keep the momentum flowing for next year’s drive.

Fundraising for the Furries 

If raising much needed donations is more up your alley, cash gifts are always welcomed by animal charities. First, do your research on which charity or shelter you would like to raise money for. Ask them if they have a specific need, such as a campaign to build a new shelter or an annual giving drive for veterinary bills. Once you have your chosen campaign in mind, here are some fun and effective ways to raise funds:

  • Homemade pet treat sale
  • Carwash
  • Neighborhood garage sale
  • Walk-a-thon with pets
  • Pet photo contest
  • Pet happy hour
  • Dog kissing booth
  • Homemade pet toy sale
  • Pet calendar

There are numerous other creative ways you can raise funds for animals in need. And one of the best things about putting together these drives or fundraisers is bringing together all of the pet lovers and pets who want to participate. Talk about a heartwarming way to help this holiday season.

If we can give additional suggestions about helping rescues and shelters, please give us a call. We hope to hear all about your success and the animals you help!