Shop Local for a Rocklin Veterinary Hospital

RocklinAs the busiest shopping season of the year draws near, you are likely hearing advocates sound off about the importance of buying local. You may already know why supporting local business matters. From job creation and quality service, to encouraging local prosperity and reinvesting in the community, the benefits of spending your hard-earned cash at locally owned and operated businesses just makes sense.

But supporting your local economy extends beyond picking up your produce at the Blue Oaks farmer’s market or hitting up Ken’s Comics and Collectables. Supporting local service providers and professionals is just as important as giving your business to local retailers. In many ways, it may be the smartest way to spend your money when it comes to investing in the long-term health of your self, your family (including your pets), and your community.

As the pet care industry expands with pet owners spending more on their pets, there are a number of franchises, box stores, and national veterinary chains vying for your attention and your business. Not surprisingly, these same businesses are representative of corporate America in ways that you would expect, often placing bottom line profits and packaging before the best interests of their patients and clients.

Think Rocklin First

While it’s not our intention to deride those who work for these businesses, we do feel it’s important to remind our fellow community members of the benefits of choosing a local, Rocklin veterinary practice over the pre-fab care provided by many of the national alternatives.

  • Rocklin Roots – The Rocklin community is our home. RRVH was born here 20+ years ago, and during that time we have put down roots in this community. We have a stake in the success of this community. Our children go to school here, and we have seen our clients’ children grow into the next generation of pet owners. We know you, we know your pets, and we genuinely care about you and your furry family.
  • Reinvesting in Rocklin – When we turn a profit, a good chunk of that goes to investing in Rocklin’s animal care community. From our partnership with the Rocklin Community Animal Shelter to our sponsorship of the RRUFF Dog Park, we use our position in the community to make Rocklin a better place for the pets and people that live here. We’re invested in the success of Rocklin.
  • We Are Family – Not only do we regard our staff as a family, but we consider you and your pets to be part of our family. At RRVH, your pet isn’t just a patient number and line item on an invoice; he or she is one of our furry friends, and someone we care about. This means that the care your pet receives is individualized to your pet’s specific needs and condition, and that the longer we care for your pet (both in sickness and in health), the more fluid that care will be.

We know that when is comes to choosing the right veterinarian for your four-legged friend there are a lot of variables to consider, but we are confidant that the local choice of Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital will meet (or surpass) your needs and expectations. We hope you will explore all we have to offer you and your pet, and call us with your questions. Our office is open late to accommodate your busy schedule, meaning we’ll be here when you need us.