Do You Have a Smart Pet? A Quick Guide to the Most Intelligent Cats and Dogs

Movie Star Poodle Striking a PosePeople typically see themselves as left or right brained, but there are actually nine distinct types of intelligence. Whether you have logical-mathematical strengths or intra-personal skills, you could also have smarts in the departments of nature, music, life, people, words, or pictures (among others). In short, we all have unique perspectives in order to understand the same world.

This could also be said for the pets with whom we share our lives. However, cats and dogs are measured differently. Dogs are considered intelligent when they learn new commands and obey them; cats seem smarter if they’re athletic and interact with humans. Most people think they have a smart pet, and if they have one of the following breeds, they’re on target.

Five Smartest Dogs

  1. Border Collie – This amazing breed originates from the Scottish Highlands. In fact, originally referred to as the Scotch Sheep Dog, this smart pet boasts independence, problem-solving, and a strong work ethic.
  2. Poodle – These fluffy canines hail from Germany, where they were bred for birding and water retrieval. They’ve also been known to perform on stage, herd sheep, and forge ahead on battle fields!
  3. German Shepherd – The ultimate modern working dog, the German Shepherd is a wonderful and obedient protector.
  4. Golden Retriever – Another Scottish wonder, this breed is perhaps the most common family dog. The Golden is friendly, loyal, obedient, and helpful.
  5. Doberman Pinscher – This German breed was originally intended for protection, but they’re now known to be playful and loyal family pets.

Five Smartest Cats

  1. Abyssinian – This breed consistently investigates, comes when called, plays fetch, and excels at climbing and jumping gracefully.
  2. Turkish Van – This breed enjoys the challenges of training and displays knowledge of tricks, performs tasks when asked, and has a reputation for loving water. They’re also known as clumsy cats.
  3. Scottish Fold – This smart pet appears to love humans so much you might think they try to behave like us! Known to learn tricks easily and solve problems, this breed loves to play and doesn’t like to be left alone for long.
  4. Siamese and Burmese – The Siamese cat is the Burmese cat’s ancestor, linking them forever in our hearts. They’re both talkative and social and will loudly demonstrate displeasure if ignored or left unattended. They enjoy performing tricks to amuse the people they love and will create their own entertainment.
  5. Bengal – This stunning cat is famous for its beauty, intelligence, and personality, but it’s also known to have highly dexterous paws.

All pets require extra time and energy from people. Without proper exertion, training, or mental challenges, behavioral problems may occur. We love pets of all kinds – and intelligence. Please let us know what you think!