Break Some Records: Fun Spring Activities for Your Pet

Even though we have high temperatures approaching nearly 70 degrees, this wet, chilly season can really get us down! The one thing that never fails to keep our collective chins up this time of the year is thinking about spring. Blue skies are on the way (or at least we keep repeating this to ourselves), and we offer the best spring activities for your pet to keep the optimism flowing.

The Obvious Choice

Not that you need extra encouragement to hit the sidewalks, but spring is an excellent time to boost your walking routine with your dog. Flowers are in bloom, the daylight lasts longer, and the air is fresher than ever before.

Hiking is the natural next step from walking around your neighborhood. We love hiking with our pets because it gets us all closer to nature while increasing our workouts. Of course, you’ll want to make sure your pup is strong enough to endure a longer hike through the hills. We can help you meet this goal through conditioning exercise routines that are supportive of climbing uphill.

The Details

While participating in these spring activities for your pet, we recommend staying watchful of any signs of exhaustion or discomfort. Smaller animals tire faster due to their shorter legs, but all dogs can begin panting excessively, slowing down, and limping. Overexerting your dog can be dangerous, but they will never tell you that they need to stop and rest.

Also, senior pets should absolutely be given opportunities to exercise, but extra attention must be paid to mobility and endurance. Also pay close attention to springtime wildlife.

Lastly, remember to bring along:

  • Extra fresh water
  • A collapsible bowl
  • Favorite treats to motivate and sustain your pet
  • Pet first aid kit

On the Road Again

One of the best spring activities for your pet could be a little vacation. Many dogs thoroughly enjoy a ride in the car, and if you pair your travels with well-planned pit stops along the way, you’ll be your pup’s hero! Make sure you check out our handy checklist for your pet before heading out.

Spring Activities for Your Pet

While you’re out and about in the car, check out some pet-friendly accommodations near your final destination. Many hotels make it easy to bring along Fluffy or Fido, and you can also search certain apps for fun, local spring activities for your pet, like a dog park.

The Natural Choice

Speaking of dog parks, you could simply stay local this spring break by making the choice to visit many different community dog parks. Spending any time there is great for your dog’s social experience and can even offer a good workout. Afterward, plan for a nice long nap together!

Off the Beaten Path

For other spring activities for your pet, we suggest trying out a new sport together, like:

  • Dog bike riding (check out this link for gear)
  • Stand-up paddle boarding (Fido must have excellent balance, patience, and a life jacket!)
  • Dog-friendly ultimate frisbee

Memories for a Lifetime

Even if you decide to stay home, we’re sure you’ll find some memorable spring activities for your pet. If you have any questions or concerns, we hope you’ll reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable veterinarians and staff. Happy trails!