Are We There Yet? Enjoying Spring Break With Your Pet and Kids

A sheepdog in a convertible with its ownerStaying home over spring break can be the perfect recipe for familial happiness, but if everyone is bouncing off the walls for a solid week, you might need an alternative. No, we’re not talking about shipping the kids off to Grandma’s or boarding your pet. Instead, we offer realistic solutions to spending spring break with your pet and the kids. On your mark, get set, pack your bags!

Road Trip!

If your family is going nuts at home, hit the open road! We’re lucky to live in a state that offers so much variety. You could hit the beach, scale the Sierra Nevada’s, gawk at the Sequoias, or enjoy some peace in the desert.

While you have a lot to pack for the kids, don’t forget these key items for traveling with your pet:

  • Medical records, proof of vaccinations, and microchip information
  • Required medications and parasite preventives
  • Outdoor gear, such as life jacket, boots, insulating jacket, or light up accessories for nighttime visibility
  • Crate, bedding, food, and toys
  • Leash, collar, and harness

Spring Break With Your Pet

While the following tips apply to travel that occurs throughout the year, they’re also helpful when planning for spring break with your pet:

  • Prepare to stop every 2-3 hours for bathroom breaks, exercise, small meals, and water
  • Leash up your pet prior to opening the car door
  • Install window shades or allow your pet to move if the sun is blinding his or her side of the car
  • Limit your dog sticking his or her head out of window of your moving vehicle
  • Check to see that your pet is getting sufficient air in the backseat or that the AC isn’t chilling him or her

Out of State

If you’re looking to hightail it out of California, be sure to bring along pertinent travel information. Crossing state lines may raise questions about your pet’s health. Again, medical records are critical, as they’ll show up-to-date vaccinations and preventive products in use.

Weather Considerations

While many families opt for fun in the sun, there are loads of opportunities up in the mountains for memory-making. Check out these dog-friendly ski resorts in California or the Pets Welcome site for ski resorts in other areas of North America.

Back Up Plan

We’re sure you’ll do your due diligence when it comes to booking your family’s accommodations. Many hotels, campgrounds, and restaurants go above and beyond to make sure everyone is welcomed and happy.

However, sometimes your pet may not be allowed to go where your family wants to go, like a theme park. Planning ahead for a dog daycare or boarding facility near your destination is a great idea. If this sounds like too much of a challenge for your pet, consider boarding with us for the days you’ll be gone.

Happy Spring Break!

From all of us at Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital, we wish you and your entire family a very happy spring break. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about planning spring break with your pet. Happy Trails!