Summer Ideas For Kids Who Love Working With Animals

Happy young boy lovingly hugging his pet dogMary Poppins had it right when she said, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and – SNAP – the job’s a game!”.

For kids looking for summer job opportunities, working with animals is the ultimate in fun – but it doesn’t end there. The fun can quickly evolve into a meaningful, rewarding, and educational experience for a responsible youngster (and, really, people of all ages). To make your summer more complete, we put together the following ideas to help kids who love working with animals, and hope that the fun of a job well done begins soon!

Furry Work Opportunities

Teaching your child financial responsibility during childhood is a powerful strategy, and lessons learned by making money can be applied throughout life. Depending on your child’s age and capabilities, he or she may be able to do any of these important summer jobs:

  • Dog Walker – Your child could start out by walking 1-2 neighborhood dogs a day, which will provide valuable exercise and attention to dogs while the owner is otherwise engaged. Additionally, your son or daughter will get a good workout, get outside, and see the impact he or she has on a very happy, waggy pup.
  • Pet Sitter – A good dog sitter can offer serious relief to a traveling pet parent. While away, pet owners can rest assured that the family pet can continue enjoying meals, naps, and exercise – all while remaining at home. If your child can commit to visiting the pet at least once or twice a day, provide loving attention and care, and clean up any messes, pet sitting could be a great gig.
  • Pet Groomer – A fun introduction into this field is to host a regular “dog wash” or to offer a comb out service. Kids who love working with animals might not choose this up close and personal job at first, but pet grooming allows for great insight into pet breeds and behavior.
  • Backyard Cleaner – Many dog owners cringe at the thought of picking up the poop in the backyard and, although not the most glorious summer job, this is a valuable service that can bring in good money. Sure, your kid may not be in direct contact with a pet, but poop scooping is niche market that many pet parents are willing to pay for. It could be an easy summer job with a great payoff for kids who love working with animals.

Kids Who Love Working With Animals

Parents can teach children the benefits of volunteering year round, but a kid’s summer schedule may be more flexible for the opportunity. Volunteer opportunities have the potential to teach compassion, respect, commitment, and leadership, and for kids who love working with animals, we recommend:

Dog Days Of Summer

Whether you support volunteerism or money-making endeavors, for kids who love working with animals, the summer is the ideal time to get started.

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